‘The Land of My HeArt’ Solo Art Exhibition of Paintings by Margherita La Gioia

Posted June 14, 2022 in Exhibition Previews

‘The Land of My HeArt’

Solo Art Exhibition of Paintings by Margherita La Gioia

Supporting SONAS Services for Women and Children Affected by Domestic Abuse.

Brú na Bóinne Visitor Centre, 

Newgrange & Knowth, Co. Meath                          

‘Winter Solstice at Newgrange’ painting by Margherita La Gioia

 19.06.22 – 08.07.22

‘The Land of my HeArt’ is the title of Margherita La Gioia’s new upcoming solo art exhibition which will be held at Brú na Bóinne Visitor Centre, Newgrange and Knowth from Sunday 19th June to Friday 8th July 2022.  Margherita will donate part of the proceeds to Sonas, a Dublin based charity that supports women and children affected by domestic abuse. “It is a cause close to my heart which I have the honour to support through art.”

Originally from Italy, Margherita is an art therapist and artist based in Dublin. She describes her art as soulful, spontaneous and playful. Margherita paints straight from her heart,  her paintings are inspired by her deep love and connection with nature.

“The soulfulness of the Irish landscape and the magical land of Newgrange touched my heart on my first visit to Ireland in 2007 and I have been wrapped with that light and inspiration since.”

“I see my paintings as mirrors of the spontaneous flow of emotions that emerge and transforms, with no order nor planning, while I create. I enjoy the unconscious conversation that my emotions, the colours and the canvas hold. I trust that connection that brings me, like in a dream, to explore infinite spaces and possibilities, where everything can be real and fearless, where freedom can fly high and walls no longer exist.” As a teenager Margherita began to paint murals in her family house in Milan and her creative journey never stopped since. She feels enriched by the life giving force received by her deep engagement with art, which she finds healing and  replenishing. As an art therapist, working with people and devoting most of her time to this role that she loves, Margherita finds nourishment and self-care through painting after work. “Art always gives me the answer I’m looking for and when I don’t, I pause and return to it, waiting for a new revelation.”

“All I paint may appear to be clear or hidden through colours, mixed media and spirals, you may or may not see everything at times… if what you see speaks to your heart and soul, my wish has come true, as I believe that we all see what we need to see… I like to think that I can cross paths with people and make meaningful connections with them through art, using a language that goes beyond words and where colours and shapes can be seen by each viewer in a unique way, through which people may also discover something new about themselves. Through art I give an authentic voice to my unconscious and set it free like in a dream, where everything transforms and moves through.”

Margherita has enjoyed considerable success in the past fifteen years, exhibiting in both group and solo exhibitions in Italy, Dublin and Beijing. Margherita’s artwork  has been enthusiastically appreciated and received by private collectors both nationally and overseas.  Margherita exhibits regularly at the Brú na Bóinne Visitor’s Centre, Newgrange & Knowth, Co. Meath and is delighted to welcome you to her 2022 Summer exhibition, celebrating both her passion for the Celtic land and the reconnection with a full creative life after the pandemic.

Margherita’s exhibition will incorporate also her poetry, which is a reflection of her feelings, imagery and inspiration, through which Margherita hopes to connect with her community. Margherita welcomes you to her poetry world by sharing one of her poems named: ‘Through Art’.

‘Dream Come True’ painting by Margherita La Gioia


‘Through Art

I find my heart

Colours and textures

Sharing adventures

A shining light

Changes my sight

Here is my canvas

Can understand us

A generous vessel

Clears up the wrestle

Allows containement

And entertainment

It gives me peace

And much relief

I see my dreams

Where there’s no screams

A heartful dance

I change my stance

Transforming horror

Into colour

I see wonder

No more anger

Letting go

There’s a new flow

Of hope and beams

I fill my dreams…

And I can say

I found my way!’

– ‘Through Art’ – Poem by Margherita La Gioia

‘Seeking Comfort’ painting by Margherita La Gioia

“I encourage anybody who enjoys art to try and pick up a paintbrush, if they have never done so before or if they haven’t done it in years, and they think that they aren’t good at it or they forgot how to to paint. I often say, take a paint brush with you and see where it brings you in return. It is always surprising and inspiring what can unfold. It is a journey worth embracing, it is your inner journey.”

All Margherita’s paintings, postcards and posters will be available for sale at the Brú na Bóinne Visitor Centre, Newgrange & Knowth, in support of Sonas. Donations can also be made directly to Sonas Go Fund Me fundraising page: https://www.gofundme.com/f/sonas-domestic-violence-charity?qid=de16d13193f40709a42d6351571fcb5d

Margherita’s artwork can be seen on her Instagram page @coloursoulart.

Feature Image:  ‘Druids’ Revelation’ painting by Margherita La Gioia.


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