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Posted November 18, 2022 in Arts & Culture Features

DDF apr-may-24 – Desktop

STICKERZOFDUBLIN was a creation born from a love of the Dublin Streets. Out of the corner of your eye you spot some colour slapped to a street lamp and your head instantly turns. This is basically what happens to me every single time I’m walking around town. Sometimes I get the feeling that I am annoying my friends when we are out walking because they always turn around and I’m still half way down the road, taking a picture of a street lamp that has some mini art stuck onto it.

STICKERZOFDUBLIN is a collaborative effort and it’s now fuelled by everyone who walks the streets of Dublin. Everyday I get a notification of someone sending in an image of a sticker they have found and loved, and I get to share that image in the hope of potentially finding the artists who created it and then, in turn, sharing more work from the artist.

The foundation of STICKERZOFDUBLIN is basically to share the amazing artists we have here on our island. So much talent oozes out onto our streets and its very visible in these “Mini Masterpieces”. A large majority of stickerz that caught my eye back in 2011 were mostly stickerz created by local tattoo artists, or even those from abroad who were doing guest spots around Dublin. Now everybody is creating stickerz.

Since creating this page, the sticker community has grown tenfold. Business are starting to notice it too and frequently come in touch to have designs created so they too can slap their work around the streets.

I urge anyone and everyone who has access to creating art to do it. Put your ideas on paper and then on some sticky paper and get it out into the world and have it immortalised in an image that will last forever.

Help make our streets more colourful and vibrant with your beautiful art and ideas.

Art is for everyone, so go create.” – Carl Foran



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