Small World: The Useless Project X UNHCR

Posted 3 months ago in Arts & Culture Features

Small World is a new podcast from The Useless Project and UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, that shares great conversations between well-known Irish voices and individuals from a refugee background living in Ireland.

Having started on November 14th, two episodes will be released each Tuesday and Thursday across all podcast platforms in the weeks leading up to the Global Refugee Forum 2023. Each episode will feature a different host and interviewee.

Taz Kelleher, co-founder of The Useless Project, says, “The essence of the podcast lies in the belief that becoming a refugee is not a choice, but how we choose to respond is. There’s a general lack of understanding regarding the lives of these individuals – that they are just normal people who have a favourite colour and a favourite food, but also how much they are contributing to society. With global warming and ongoing war projected to displace millions more people in the not-so-distant future, the urgent need to speak up for these communities has never been more apparent. By tuning in, sharing their stories and signing our petition, listeners can contribute to a brighter future for refugees in Ireland and beyond.”

Joanne McNally and Amir Abu Alrob talk about their love for the stage. Music producer Simba Bianchi shares his experience growing up in Direct Provision with fellow music lover and DJ Tara Kumar, while another episode will share the conversation between two broadcasters, Brendan Courtney and Kinda Nassli – a Syrian woman who presented a prime-time TV show in Syria before fleeing the war.



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