Farbige Schatten @ Goethe Institut

Posted March 29, 2012 in Exhibition Previews


Light, darkness, architecture, and Goethe’s Theory of Colours (from which the title is taken) all take centre stage in Farbige Schatten. Albrecht Schäfer will present a series of playful installations that respond to the text, and toy with the Goethe Institut’s interiors, whilst a series of original illustrations from art history greats Max Beckmann, Salvador Dali, and Eugene Delacroix will also be housed in the building’s Return Gallery. Immersing the exhibition fully into the Goethean experience, inspired by his torchlit 1787 visit to the Vatican Museum, the building will be fully lit in parts, but with other work evocatively illuminated by sparse candlelight, and only open to a single visitor at a time – intimately revealing the intricacies of Schäfer’s mastery in a novel way.

Where?Goethe Institut, Merrion Square

When? Until May 4th


Words: Rosa Abbott

Ralph Jordan