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Brand New Retro: Joanne Betty Conlon

The work of Joanne Betty Conlon reflects her love for old neglected buildings and objects combined with a desire to preserve and revitalise them.

BRAND NEW RETRO – Vernon Dewhurst

Vernon Dewhurst, the photographer responsible for David Bowie’s Space Oddity album cover spent a year working as an advertising and fashion photographer in Dublin. He shares his memory of his time here with Brian McMahon of Brand New Retro.

Brand New Retro: Problem Pages of the Past

The problem pages from Irish magazines of the 1960s and 1970s give an irresistible insight into the lives of Irish teenagers highlighting their innocence, loneliness, and ignorance in a changing Ireland still dominated by the Catholic Church.

Brand New Retro: Ghosts of Christmas Past

“I still expect to find a magazine in my Christmas stocking”. A look back at old Christmas covers from Irish magazines that are all long gone, dead and buried.

Brand New Retro: Tony Rodgers & The Witches Hut

Dublin had seen nothing like it before. Staff danced and sang to movie soundtracks, Hieronymus Bosch paintings hung on the wall, and when it got hot in the summer, the stylists worked outside.

Brand New Retro: Butlins Mosney

When the camp first opened, the Catholic Standard newspaper warned: “Holiday camps are an English idea and are alien and undesirable in an Irish Catholic country…”

Brand New Retro: Twilfit House

The building is a wonderful example of indigenous industrial architecture, but with plans approved to demolish it for a new 8-storey hotel, one fears 2018 may be the twilight year for Twilfit House.

Brand New Retro: Eurovision, Dublin, 1971

Staging Ireland’s first ever Eurovision was a massive undertaking for RTE. But it was a success and proved we could put on a show as tacky, glitzy and expensive as anyone else.


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