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Brand New Retro: Iveagh Market Memories

“Celina Anderson has hundreds of Iveagh Market stories. She helped her mother who had a stall there, as did her grandmother and her great-grandmother.” – Brian McMahon, Brand New Retro

Brand New Retro: HindeSight – Dublin in Postcards

In 1956 John Hinde opened his colour photographic studio in Dublin where he produced a series of distinctive, stylised, vibrant colour postcards that saw him become one of the most successful postcard publishers in the world.

Brand New Retro: Old Nudes

Considering Playboy magazine was banned in Ireland for over 35 years, one wonders how two homegrown imitation magazines ever got published here in the 1970s.

Brand New Retro: Star Trek Mobile Discotheque

“Hans Lignell came up with the idea of Star Trek, a massive mobile disco which would bring the glamour, lights, excitement and sophistication of the new Dublin nightclubs to the ballrooms around the country.” – Brian McMahon

Brand New Retro: MindFuzz

“Although it’s all original vinyl, we’re not afraid of modern technology to intensify the experience.” Dublin Psychedelic Club MindFuzz celebrates its tenth birthday next year. Brian McMahon meets with founder and host Mark Winkelmann to find out more about this unique night.

Brand New Retro: How Does it Feel? Blue Monday at 40

In 2023, Blue Monday will be forty-years old. Forty years of filling the floors at house parties, discos, indie nights, techno nights, 21sts and weddings. Brian McMahon asks the question, “How Does It Feel?”

Brand New Retro: Fab 208 – Radio Luxembourg

“208 is my magic number. It’s a throwback to the early 1970s when I and thousands of other music-starved Irish teenagers listened every night to Radio Luxembourg 208”. – Brian McMahon

Brand New Retro: Yellow Press 1991 – 1994

Yellow Press was an Irish comic published from 1991 to 1994. Describing itself as the ‘premier periodical for the nineties kind of person’ and ‘not suitable for young children’ it ran for eleven issues and featured work from over twenty Irish cartoonists.


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