MIA/Blaqstaar – Way Down In The Hole (Cover Version)

Posted November 6, 2008 in Music Reviews

Bello Bar
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5-0! We know pregnancy can arouse some very obscure cravings in women, but MIA’s sudden urge to add her own version of the Tom Waits-penned theme tune of The Wire is one of the stranger ones we’ve heard. Collaborator Blaqstaar’s a B-more native himself, and might be in a better position to freestyle some suitably grimmer lyrics than MIA’s vacant soul-staring. Sadly he sticks to reciting some apathetic ragga-style, slightly off-time Waits lines over a subdued and minimalist house track. Nevermind; for a work clearly completed in ten minutes between leopard-print babyclothes shopping and battering Santogold for nicking her schtick its not that bad. Let’s just say it won’t be inciting David Simon to start work on Season 6.



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