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What is RTP when it comes to slots

As soon as we enter an online casino, panic sets in – how to choose a good name? And here it should be said straight away – it is important to evaluate all its mathematically important parameters. The RTP in this case is one of the most important ones when choosing a slot. If the RTP is below 92% – that’s a good reason to forget about the chosen title and vice versa. At a return of more than 96%, the slot machine can already be considered an option for fun. Why exactly so and what does it all mean? Let’s get to the bottom of it.

RTP is an acronym for Return to Player. This term is a theoretical percentage of the total amount of money invested in the slot, which is returned to the player as winnings. Simply put, this parameter tells users the proportion between total bets and winning bets. The concept of RTP is relevant not only in online casinos but also in land-based gambling clubs. For online casinos, a normal RTP is a slot machine with a return of 96% of bets, and a very good one – 97% or more. For land-based casinos, this figure is slightly lower – 90%. The reason why this parameter is lowered is that land-based casinos have much more expensive items – croupiers’ salaries, hall maintenance, cost of equipment and so on.

A list of slots with RTP!

Now that we know what this indicator means, we need to explain how it is set up in the first place. In the process of creating a slot, the provider adds a special randomizer program to its mathematical model. On the basis of its work, there are falling out symbols on the screen in random order. He also determines the ultimate RTP game in accordance with a million or more implemented spins. Pay attention to the number I have specified. I was not mistaken when I said that there should be at least one million spins before the game enters the market. Because of this RTP is considered to be more theoretical than a real figure. In order to be sure that the RNG is working correctly and therefore that you are providing real product data, it is important to only choose games from studios that have their software audited by independent labs. After such audits, there is also no doubt that the software is completely free of fraudulent activity.

RTP is very closely related to another indicator, volatility. It comes in three varieties and shows players the frequencies of winning rolls. Both of these parameters give us an idea of how and to what extent expectations and reality deviate from winnings during the game. Here is an example. We have two video slots with an RTP of 98%. Accordingly, from each of them, we expect to get 98 USD back from 100 spins of 1 USD. However, in practice, it turns out that this did not happen. This is because the two titles have different volatility.

Why RTP is the most important parameter

Before investing in a video slot, every player should familiarise himself with the payout. If this is not done, there is a great chance of being disappointed in the game. As a result, users often write in reviews, that the slot machine “does not give”. Because of little experience in gambling, they don’t know how to correctly assess the chances of winning, thoughtlessly spending money on spins and losing. If you understand why RTP is so important, you will never make any serious mistakes.

RTP can be fixed or flexible. The second type of game has become more common in recent years. This is done in order to be able to cover the needs of many operators at once. For example, one casino owner wants to attract players with high-yielding software. The other prefers low-yielding slots, ensuring maximum profit for themselves. To this end, they create titles that may have different values in different casinos. In this case, it is all the more important to know the actual RTP. However, this does not mean that the operator has access to the slot settings. When integrating the software, he chooses a certain percentage and stays the same all the time. With a fixed payout it is much easier. It remains the same all the time in any casino.

Remember that knowing the RTP is very useful, but it’s not enough. To be sure the RNG program works correctly, you should only choose licensed games. Otherwise, you could lose all the money you have invested. The fact is that all games from the same developer are on the same server. It ensures a secure game. No one can gain access to the slot settings. In unlicensed casinos, these same games are duplicates. At first glance, they look and work just like the original software. However, there is one big “But” here. The operator has quick access to the innards of the games located on the rogue server. So at any moment, he can change the course of the game, i.e. the player will start losing.

Where to find RTP on slots

Most developers make sure to indicate the percentage of payoff in each title they release. Finding the RTP won’t take long, but it will allow you to assess the chances of winning. There are still small studios that neglect to provide this information. In that case, it is preferable to pass by such slots. This will save players from a negative outcome of the session.

To find this figure, go to the game’s features section. Carefully read everything the slot is rich in – which prize features are activated, how the machine works, what its RTP and volatility are, and the value of all the symbols. Getting detailed information about the features of the model guarantees you a fun vacation without major shocks.

We already know that there are models with configurable output. In this case, studios most often refuse to mention the RTP options or simply specify their ranges. Reading the information section is not helpful here. Still, you have a way out of this. Contact an operator (you can often get such information in online chat as well). In your request, tell them the name of the game and the provider. You should definitely get help.

Another option for finding RTP is to visit a specialist gambling website. It has almost complete information about each provider, its library and many other things related to online casinos and the operation of slots. However, keep in mind that in the case of flexible RTP, the only way to get real data for an individual operator is to contact the administration.


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