What strategies can be followed in doubles tennis matches?

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Doubles tennis isn’t just about smacking the ball over the net. The platform 1xBet is your betting site, and here you can also wager on different variations of tennis too. This is a whole different ball game compared to singles. The 2 players need an extremely high degree of coordination, as they need to think 2 steps ahead.

First off, communication is king in doubles. It’s not enough to just be good at tennis. The site 1xBet is your betting platform that you can use to wager on the best players of this variation of the sport.

The 2 players need to be on the same wavelength. It is said that teams who properly talk and strategy can win approximately 30% more points, which is huge.


Let’s talk about the classic serve-and-volley. Besides wagering on tennis, punters can also bet on F1 now – 1xbet.ie/en/line/formula-1 covers the best events of this discipline.

It’s an old-school move where one player serves and immediately rushes to the net. This puts a ton of pressure on the opponents. Think McEnroe and Fleming in the 80s. They had a win rate of 78% with this tactic. But tennis has evolved, and so has doubles play. These days, you’ll see more players hanging back, playing from the baseline. This occurs for a number of reasons, such as:

  • better rackets;
  • fitter players;
  • and the fact that more baseline winners are scored.

At 1xBet you have the option to bet on F1 now or wager on the best tennis tournaments from all across the world.

Poaching and lobs

Poaching is another strategy. This is when the net player intercepts a shot meant for their partner. It’s all about timing and the element of surprise. Top teams pull off a successful poach about 40% of the time. Whenever players are using this strategy, go to 1xBet – place your tennis bet and win with the best matches.

There is also the lob, which is seen as the great equalizer. When the other team is crowding the net and making life difficult, a well-placed lob can send them scrambling. Around 20% of points in pro doubles involve a lob, either to defend or attack. During many circumstances you have the option to place your tennis bet at the 1xBet platform.

Ever notice how sometimes teams keep picking on one player? That’s a legit strategy. Target the weaker link, and you can create pressure and even some internal strife on the other side. Teams doing this can win about 60% of their points.

Cross-court rallies are your bread and butter in doubles. They’re safer because of the court geometry, and they give you more time to set up for the next shot. About 70% of groundstrokes in doubles go cross-court. Regardless of the strategy being used, feel free to place your tennis bet at 1xBet, where the best doubles players are featured.


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