What countries gamble the most?

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We have seen a steady rise in popularity when it comes to online casino and betting the last few years. Because of the pandemic, even more people are turning to gambling and spending more money than ever before.

5 countries that take their gambling to the next level

It’s not only the online casino that has gained in popularity, the land-based casinos gets more and more players as well. Even though, during this pandemic, there is of course a temporary absence of gamblers in the land-based casinos. Here we will list the top 5 countries that attract most gamblers, both online and “in real life”.

Macau – casino haven in China

Without casino Macau wouldn’t be much. It may sound like a horrible thing to say, but the truth is that half of their revenue comes from their casinos. Gambling is actually illegal in all of China, except for the little paradise on Macau. However, China has been making it harder on the casinos on the island lately, so maybe they won’t be topping the list for much longer.

USA with Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey in the lead

Most states in the US still has a ban on online casinos. Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey where the first ones to legalize online gambling in the year of 2013. The gambling industry, both online and land-based, is worth about $261 billion more than 1,5 million people are working within the industry.

Great Britain gives lottery money to charity

No less than £195 million was donated to charity from the lotteries in the UK during 2014-2015. More than a third of the population gambles on a weekly basis, and about £14 billion was made from the gambling industry in the year 2018.

Australia’s greatest hobby?

More than 80% of Australia’s population gambles on casinos, that’s an impressive number! They spend about $18 billion every year and they are amongst the highest betters in the world. Sportsbetting has also increased in popularity a great deal lately since it has become legal.

Canada’s liberal approach to gambling

30 million Canadians played casino in 2017. The gambling industry makes about $15 billion every year, and Quebec and Ontario are the places two top places in Canada were gamblers likes to pursue their hobbies.

New games and online casinos

Almost everyday you’ll find new online casinos or online casino games. If you wanna have a good read on Swedish casinos news, guides and other fun stuff, go to svenskaspelsidor.net. With all of the new online casino on the rise the competition between the companies also increase.

More casinos means better casinos

Competition is good thing for gamblers since it demands that they do everything they can and even more to offer their customers the very best experience. This means they have to have a lot of games to choose from, top-notch customer service, and payments solutions that are safe and transfers the money quicker than ever.


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