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Finding your best online banking option has never been simple! In this article, we have provided all the information you need to find the best online payment option to deposit or withdraw your funds.

With so many online banking options available in the market today, you need to ensure that the system you choose is safe and convenient for use. We have also included some of the benefits of internet banking as well as their latest offers, rates and much more.

What is Online Banking?

To be precise, online banking or internet banking is the electronic transfer of money from anywhere and at any time. Internet-based banking options enable individuals, business people, companies and institutions to transact quickly and securely. To transfer your funds online, you require a stable internet connection and a computer or mobile device like a smartphone or tablet.

With this modern system, you can check your balance, review the transactions, and send money, pay bills, and much more. Additionally, online banking options like POLi, Trustly, and PayPal enable gambling enthusiasts to add or cash out funds from their casino or sports betting accounts.

Top Banking Options

As stated earlier, there are numerous types of banking options available in the market today. These online payment options are secured with the state of the art security system like the 128/256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to ensure that the customer’s personal data is safe at all time. Here are some of the top recommended banking options to use:

POLi – To Gamble with NZD Currency

POLi is one of the leading online transaction method in New Zealand and Australia. Many people who love gambling are opting for POLi casinos because they are safe and charge low fees. Besides, this system can be used to pay for gambling games and services online from anywhere.

The interesting thing about POLi, found at, is that you can transfer money directly from your personal bank account to all best online casinos that take NZ dollars and gamble straight away. It is has proved to be the best alternative to credit and debit cards. This means that your personal information will remain safe when you use POLi to transact.

Trustly – Top EU Platform

Trustly, formerly known as Instabank, is another reputable online banking option based in Sweden that enables users to transfer funds. The company was established back in 2008 to provide a safe and secure online transfer of money.

The exciting thing about Trustly is that no sign-up or credit card information is required to use. It supports direct bank transfer and utilizes advanced 2048-bit RSA encryption technology to ensure that your sensitive data is safe.

Klarna – New British Banking System

Online payment method Klarna was founded in 2005, Stockholm by a group of three students to enable customers to pay for their goods and services on the internet. The company now provides a solution to more than 60 million customers in over 17 countries worldwide.

The good thing about using Klarna is that you can pay for goods after delivery or in instalments. This payment option can also be used to add funds to renowned betting and gambling platforms in Europe and globally. The website is built with fraud prevention systems to ensure that your funds are always safe.

PayPal – #1 e-Wallet Around the World

PayPal is one of the most popular online payment methods today. In fact, almost everyone has a PayPal account. They pride in having over 250 million registered users and is accepted by more than 17 million merchants worldwide. What attracts many people to use PayPal is that there is no monthly fee and offers great features to simplify your transaction process.

There are three PayPal options available today: PayPal Checkout, PayPal Payments Standard and PayPal Payments Pro. The transfer of funds using PayPal takes around 1 to 2 days to be completed. You can use PayPal or any of its’ alternatives to top up or withdraw funds from your casino account or to pay for your goods or services.

Benefits of Internet Banking

People who use internet banking options to transfer funds enjoy several benefits, as stated below:

  • Allows faster sending or transfer of funds between accounts;
  • Enables one to pay bills online;
    Low commission fees and better rates;
  • Offer excellent customer support 24/7;
  • Safe and convenient online transactions;
  • One can view transaction history;
  • Transactions can be done from anywhere via mobile devices.


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