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Essay writing is a complicated process that can depend on the author’s knowledge of the relevant topic, their experience and analytical skills. However, one of the most critical factors in this equation is the motivation to write an essay – and sometimes, this very aspect becomes a problem that hinders the whole process. Thus, no matter how hard you try to engage in your writing, the right words don’t come to mind, and your brain simply refuses to commit to the challenge.

So what to do if you feel a lack of motivation and inability to proceed with your work? Several tips will help you to resolve this issue and create a top quality essay from scratch without forcing yourself excessively.

Remember the reasons why you are writing

Sometimes work can be challenging – but it definitely needs to be done. Thus, always remind yourself why writing a paper is important and how exactly you will benefit from this process. For example, it may be needed not only to deliver an academic assignment but also to help you develop your skills, learn English better and provide you with new fascinating knowledge.

Think of the new possibilities that your experience can open before you – you become more proficient in your field of expertise, learn to do professional research, and later sort and analyze the information you find. Eventually, you will be able to express your thoughts on any free topic – from developing an original scientific study to creating a literature review, which is essential for all students.

Create a daily goal with a small minimum and reward yourself for reaching it

Orderly and regularly exercising your skills is vital for efficient work. If you focus on practicing writing every day, soon you will notice that this process now goes much more smoothly. Such an approach also allows you to engage in writing, and sometimes, all you need for inspiration is a good start.

Don’t forget to reward yourself for productive work – often, a cup of tea with your favorite snack helps to improve your mood. Remember that even small steps are vital to become an advanced writer.

Do not focus on mistakes instead of writing

Sometimes you cannot push yourself to proceed with writing because you keep noticing the mistakes or imperfections in your text. However, by focusing on these issues, you only get distracted and lose the desire to proceed with your writing. To overcome this problem, you need to pay attention to the writing process, even if at first the results aren’t of the best quality. Often you just need to start writing for a few minutes to become immersed in the process and work more efficiently. After all, everyone makes mistakes – but only practice makes perfect.


Pay attention to your environment

Often, the environment strongly affects your mood and, therefore, your concentration on work. For example, if you are used to relaxing and having fun in your room, it would be harder to write a complicated essay there. To avoid such complications, ensure that you create a space solely for work with a suitable atmosphere that helps concentrate your attention and cultivate inspiration by following the next recommendations:

  • Ensure that your working environment is comfortable, especially the furniture – it will allow you to spend more time writing.
  • Keep your workspace neat and tidy.
  • Create an atmosphere that inspires you to work so that you won’t be distracted.
  • Decorate your workspace with trinkets of your choice so it looks pleasing and comfy.

Often such small details greatly impact your mood and, subsequently, the urge to work. Thus, by creating a comfortable and work-oriented environment, you reduce the distracting factors and become able to throw yourself into work.

Ask somebody to provide constructive feedback

Often you can finish the task more effectively if someone with more extensive experience would provide you some constructive criticism – it will help you to find and correct mistakes and understand the strong points of your writing. The positive review from a more accomplished writer is a fantastic motivation to develop your abilities further.

If you cannot concentrate on the work that needs to be done, you can use the helpful assistance of a specialized website – for example, order from a cheap paper from a reliable essay writing service, like Custom Writings. Such companies can provide their customers with personalized papers that can be used as supporting examples of nicely written work. Therefore, such an approach will help you understand the requirements of your assignment and allow you to finish it easily. Of course, don’t forget to pay attention to the reliability of such services – always check online reviews to ensure that the company employs professional writers that can meet the needed requirements.


Writing essays is vital for becoming an expert in your field of study and gaining success in college, especially if you study in the USA or the UK. However, the motivation to start writing often seems elusive and unreachable, causing you to feel weak and powerless. Thankfully, this obstacle can be overcome by following a list of helpful tips which can put you into a mood for writing and provide you with much-needed inspiration.


Ask yourself – why do you need to write, and how will this experience help you in the future? Do not forget about the regular exercise of your skills through working every day – even on a small and easily reachable goal. Remember that everyone makes mistakes, and it is much better to correct them after you have written all you need, instead of becoming stuck in one place.

Create a comfortable working environment that puts you in the mood for writing and, finally, ask someone for helpful and constructive feedback, which will allow you to understand your weak and strong points and perfect your drafts. You can even buy a custom paper written by an expert from a professional service online and use it as an example. By following these recommendations, you will undoubtedly find a solid motivation to proceed with your writing.

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