The Ultimate How-To Guide for Printing and Binding a Dissertation

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After months or even years of hard work, you’ve finished your research paper, Bachelor’s thesis, or other final project. You’re almost finished, but before you turn in your dissertation, you’ll need to get it printed and bound.

When a student is considering printing and binding a dissertation, they always have the same two questions in mind:

“What are the steps involved in having my dissertation printed and bound?” and
“Can you recommend a place where I can get my thesis printed and bound?”

Read on for some advice on things to keep an eye out for as you consider options for having your research paper printed and bound.


What steps must I take to have my dissertation printed and bound?

Since most students have not yet been required to print and bind a research paper, it might be challenging to determine which attaching method is appropriate and which printing configurations should be used. When it comes to printing and binding a dissertation, we provide all the information you need to know about what to consider.


What should I keep an eye out for while printing my dissertation?

Students usually have the same questions about printing their dissertation:

  • Is it better to use black/white or colour?
  • Which kind of paper should I use?
  • How can I get the best possible pricing on printing my research paper?

That is why we have compiled some tips for printing your dissertation.


What should I look out for when binding a dissertation?

The “how” is a common issue amongst students since many are uncertain of the best attaching option for their dissertation. Here, it’s essential to consider the sort of final document you’re writing; for instance, a research paper involves a lot of prep work and reading, while a standard term paper may be written in a shorter time.
Regular term papers only count for a tiny fraction of your mark, but a thesis, master’s thesis, dissertation or research paper counts for a much larger percentage.

To clarify, if you are researching printing and attaching options for your dissertation or other lengthy final assignment, plain spiral binds are not the route to choose. If you want something that will last and look professional, leather binds are your best option.

Crucial Tip!
Regarding binding, many postsecondary schools and universities have particular conditions that must be met. For this reason, it is best to find out as soon as possible whether or not your institution of learning provides any rules for publishing and attaching a dissertation.

Because of this, we want to explain how to bind your final document appropriately, considering the kind of work you are handing in.


Which type of binding is best for my final paper?

The availability of various bindings is the first thing to note. For this reason, we will go through each of the bindings with you in detail so that nothing goes wrong.

Use leather for binding your dissertation

The greatest quality binds for your thesis is with a leather cover. The leather-look solid cover accentuates the stylish and elegant appearance of the leather cover.

If you choose a leather cover for your dissertation, you can make it appear even more professional by adding bespoke embossing, a bookmark or corner protectors with BachelorPrint. These additions will help your dissertation stand out from others.

Recommendation: When it comes to your final, most important papers, leather binds is crucial for papers such as your:

  • Dissertation
  • Research paper
  • Bachelor’s thesis
  • Master’s thesis

Thermally bind your dissertation

Thermal binding’s versatility makes it the best all-around option. The title of your dissertation stands out clearly on the see-through front cover. In addition, you may choose the hue of the faux leather back cover.

Recommendation: Thermal bindings are generally an excellent option for less extensive research work. In addition, thermal binds are a perfect choice when you require several printouts of your finished work.

Bind your thesis in a soft cover

We advise going with Softcover for your paper if you want it to appear more creatively and stand out. That provides you with the flexibility to create the cover in any manner that you see fit.

When you pick Softcover, you have the freedom to express yourself creatively by using a variety of logos, fonts, photos or designs that are completely out there. Warning, however! You don’t want to make it seem too disorganised, do you? Remember that you are still writing a research paper, and present it accordingly.

Recommendation: In general, softcover binds may be used for any final paper. However, there is a limit to the amount of pages it can hold, making it less suitable for an extensive dissertation.

Spiral Bind your thesis

Spiral bound is the most modern and user-friendly option. Comparable to thermal binding, it consists of a see-through front cover and a coloured, faux-leather back cover. Spiral binding, however, does not need adhesive. Instead, spirals serve as the glue that holds your argument together. Spirals may be found in both plastic and metal varieties.

Recommendation: Term papers and other short research projects are ideal for spiral attaching. It is not the best choice for crucial final work, like a dissertation or research paper.

Where can I have a dissertation printed and bound?

In order to make it simple for you to identify the best place to have your thesis printed and bound, we have done the research for you. Using an online service is advantageous since it allows you to place your purchase without leaving the convenience of your own house, so saving you time. You may win some and lose some when it comes to internet service providers.

We looked at many other online service providers, but when it came to printing and binding your dissertation, BachelorPrint stood out as the clear choice. This digital printing service offers a wide variety of reliable attaching options. They provide free rush delivery, so you can have your dissertation back quickly once it’s been printed and bound.

Why it’s good for you:

  • High-quality paper at reasonable costs.
  • Express shipment is free.
  • In the online store, a 3D preview of your bound and peek inside-function.

Printing and binding a dissertation – ensuring nothing goes amiss!

Dissertation writing usually requires a substantial time commitment. Your research paper, Bachelor’s thesis, or term paper will be bound and printed without a hitch if you follow our guidelines.

Whether you choose to have your thesis printed at a local copy shop or online is up to you. But if you want your thesis printed and bound professionally without any hassle, then go no further than BachelorPrint. We highly suggest this store since their website makes gathering the materials you need to write your thesis simple.

We wish you the best of luck with your dissertation!


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