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Slot machines had humble beginnings. They used to be those simple machines that had an arm, which you had to pull. What you wanted was to line up the same symbols to get a prize. Technology changed all this. In this generation, many slot machines give excitement outside the boundaries of traditional pay lines. Let us take a closer look at the most innovative slot features in the market today. 

1. Hyperhold™ Feature

Hyperhold is a trademarked slot machine feature, which you will find in new online slots like Assassin Moon. The game is from Triple Edge Solutions.

The Hyperhold is a bonus. In it, some moon symbols land on the reels. These moon symbols are “scatter” symbols, and they display cash values inside them. The text inside the moon is either a cash value or a type of jackpot round. 

You need to land at least six moon symbols that have the same display (cash or jackpot) in the game. If you manage to do this, you will trigger the Hyperhold feature. 

What it means is that the moon symbols will lock into place. After that, you get three free spins. After that, all the symbols and reels will spin, except the moons. Then, whenever a new moon lands, you will get three more re-spins for free. 

The re-spins would stop if no new moon landed. It will also stop once all the slots are filled with moon symbols. From there, the slot machine would calculate your wins.

Here are the prizes: 

  • Mini jackpot – 50x your total stake
  • Minor jackpot – 150x your total stake
  • Major Jackpot – 750x your total stake
  • Mega jackpot – 5,000x your total stake

You could also win multiplier values. The prize you get depends on what is inside the moons. 

2. Win Booster™ Feature

This feature is another trademarked one from the creators of Assassin Moon. In this feature, the slot is going to increase its RTP from 96.08% to 96.33%. In addition, activating the Win Booster feature will also increase the likelihood of triggering the Hyperhold feature. 

If you activate the Win Booster, you will also bet a higher amount. The reward is that more moons would appear on each of your spins. If your stake is 10p for each spin, this will increase to 25p per spin after activating the Win Booster. What this tells us is that your bet increases by 2.5x.

Unlike other slot machines, the Win Booster does not affect the paytable. However, the standard pay still applies. It also does not affect the values in the moon symbols.  

Essentially, think of the Win Booster as a way to prove your chances of activating the Hyperhold feature. There is no guarantee to it, but it can improve your odds of winning big from the Hyperhold.

3. Multimax™

Multimax is a trademarked feature that you will find in online slot machines like Crystal Falls, a game from Bulletproof Games. 

The Multimax feature happens during the free spins game, which you can either trigger or buy. During the free spins round,  the top of each reel will show multiplier values. Each time a wild symbol lands under that reel, the multiplier value will increase by 1x. 

If a symbol is used for a win, the multiplier value where it appeared would be applied to the winning prize. The multipliers at the top of the reels shall be applied in succession.

Let us say that you landed a combo that has a prize of $2. In this scenario, let us say that the combo is from reels 1 to 3, and here are the existing multipliers:

  • Reel 1 – 2x
  • Reel 2 – 3x
  • Reel 3 – 4x

If the prize is $2, it will first be multiplied by 2x for the first reel. This gives you $4. Next, $4 will be multiplied by 3x, which is the multiplier on the second reel. Now, you have $12 ($4 x 3). Finally, the multiplier 4x from the third reel will be applied to $12. Your final win in this spin is $48.  

If you want to enter the Multimax without having to wait for it, you have to buy it. The cost varies, but some casinos offer it for $100 per 10 free spins.

Buying a bonus is not something that you want to risk. It works exactly like the free spins round, and it does not increase the paytable or the likelihood of getting wilds and scatter symbols. 


Slot machines are evolving. For a time, many developers created new ways to wins, such as the Megaways, progressive jackpots, colossal slots, and many more. As technology improves, so will games. 

Before you play and take advantage of these features, you have to find a demo version of the slot and play for free. Test the slot and the innovative feature. Make sure that betting on it is worth it. 


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