The Empire Casino vs The Sporting Emporium – Where to use the right strategy

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Let’s find out what two of Dublin’s best locations bring to the table and what’s the best strategy for their tables.

What’s up with the Sporting Emporium

This location is one of Dublin’s most luxurious land-based casinos. Placed in the city centre between Trinity College Dublin and St Stephen’s Green, it is easily accessible to anyone that wants to experience the island nation’s capital.

Going inside the place is elegant with a style that reminds you of something that aged well over the years. It first opened its doors in 2005, and since then, it has acquired many positive reviews, thus becoming a landmark for Dublin’s gambling scene.

Gaming options

Individuals who want to try this place will find more than a few games to indulge themselves in. There are around 11 tables available that cover games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat and sic bo. However, there are no slots available in this location.

Lastly, there are the poker tables, which are 14 in number. The variant mainly played there is Texas Hold’em. Additionally, poker tournaments are their main attraction. They are constantly hosted in the Sporting Emporium, which can accommodate up to 140 players.

Overall they have the whole live casino experience in one physical location.

Find the Empire Casino

Located on the south side of River Liffey, near the National Waz Museum Plus, this location offers the classical casino experience. This gambling parlour adapted its location to the standards usually available in the online world. It did this by creating its very own VIP scheme called the Vantage Club. It also has weekly promotions on different games that it advertises on Facebook.

Irish betting sites not on Gamstop focus mainly on slot and video poker machines, but other options are available, such as bingo and five roulette tables.

Table strategies for each casino

Depending on the number of tables for each casino and their overall dimensions, players can use different strategies to improve their outcomes.

However, no strategy is perfect; each has quarks that can work or not. Additionally, what applies in a land-based casino can be easily implemented in a live casino that’s available online and vice versa.

To better understand how each method works, it’s best to go online and try some live casino games before moving to a physical one. This way, one can always keep a strategy’s steps close to recheck the necessary actions for each situation. There are even websites that try to figure out why some online casinos are superior to others.

The Martingale system

This system is one of the most popular among gamblers worldwide. Its popularity is probably due to its efficiency, easy accessibility and, most importantly, relatively low-risk margins.

Understanding the Martingale system does not take much time since it has two moves that each applies depending on a bet’s outcome.

Every time you use this strategy, you will start with the minimum allowed wager for that table.

If you emerge victorious from that bet, make another wager with the lowest value. But, if you lose that bet, make another one that’s double the initial sum.

The same principle applies to all other wagers; losing means double the previous sum, and winning means returning to your former bet value.

The Fibonacci system

This strategy is based on the already famous Fibonacci sequence from the mathematics world. Considered the safer alternative to Martingale, this betting technique revolves around the following number sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, etc.

You will always start with a €1 and move two numbers up the sequence every time you lose. And, every time you win, move one number down.

Thus, if you lose your first bet of €1, next time, bet €2, which is the first two numbers from the sequence added together. Suppose you also lose the next, then wager €5. Winning this one will mean making a €3 wager next and so on.


What strategy is best?

There is no ideal betting strategy that fits all the possible scenarios. But, employing a strategy and striking with it may eventually prove useful.

When using a strategy, keep in mind the place where you play. A more luxurious location, such as the Sporting Emporium, probably has higher minimum bets than others. For this reason, it is best suited to use the Fibonacci strategy since it will ensure you lose your bankroll too quickly.

In contrast, the Empire Casino does not market itself as luxurious and focuses more on slots. Thus, they have more accessible roulette tables with lower bets, making the Martingale system safe and easy to implement.

When using these strategies online, always check the betting limits since they will help determine the best-suited betting system.


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