The All-Ireland Hurling – Teams That Have Never Qualified

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If you are talking about the biggest hurling competition in Ireland, then you have to mention the All-Ireland Hurling Championship. This yearly event, organized by the Gaelic Athletic Commission has stood the test of time and since its establishment in 1887, only once has the competition not taken place. It is a huge season for the country and at these times, bettors turn to bet365 Ireland to stake and have their go at who speculate to be victorious. And it may amaze you that despite its long history, there are still some teams that have never qualified.

What sort of luck could you have not to have qualified for an event that is over 100 years old? Well, we don’t know either! But we know the teams, and we will be showing you them now. So, read on and enjoy.


The Armagh team, representing the County Armagh in Northern Ireland has never qualified for the All-Ireland Hurling in their team history. In fact, the last time they posted any top-flight competition in moving towards this event was 1946. However, the team isn’t that bad on its own as it claimed the 2012 Nicky Rackard Cup. At least they have something to their name.


Fermanagh is just another team that is unlucky with the All-Ireland Hurling. Surprisingly, their junior teams have won it at least once but the senior team has never qualified, not to talk of dreaming of it. The last significant championship they have to their name is the 2021 Lory Meagher Cup.


Leitrim is another team that is purely unlucky in All-Ireland Hurling because it has other titles outside the competition which shows that they are not that bad. But as it stands, they’ve never qualified before but have had success with the Lory Meagher Cup in 2019.


Longford is a team that has significant achievements to boast of, but when it comes to the All-Ireland Hurling, you won’t see the senior team around. And while the juniors have had significant success in it, the seniors cannot boast of ever qualifying. It is a shame as this is a team that has provisional cup and league titles to its name.


The history of the Louth team will tell you that they have a junior All-Ireland Hurling to their name. But you will wonder when they mention nothing about the main team—the seniors. Well if you didn’t know before, now you know, but they have never qualified!


Monaghan is one of those teams whose glory days were in the past. The team cannot boast of ever winning the All-Ireland Hurling Championship with their senior team. And while the team has some good history, it is quite far behind.


Sligo may have success with the Nicky Rackard Cup but you will never see them mention the All-Ireland Hurling Championship. That’s because they cannot boast of ever qualifying for the competition. We bet that they would do anything to have a taste of what it feels like.


Some other notable mentions that have not had success with qualifying for the All-Ireland Hurling Championship include:

  • Tyrone
  • Warwickshire
  • Wicklow

Final Takeaway

We are not by any means undermining any team as some of these teams have success in other competitions. But with the All-Ireland Hurling Championship, they just seem to get it wrong all the time. Hopefully, one of these years, they will take the giant leap.


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