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If you are currently residing in the Republic of Ireland or are planning to move there, and are looking for a new career path then you may be interested in teaching English as a foreign language. Yes, I know, English is already spoken in Ireland, so why would there be any demand to learn it?

Read on for more information.

Where can you teach?

Obviously, there is a lower demand here than in non-native countries. In the 21st Century, teachers, fortunately, are not bound by national borders.

There are three main routes open to you: abroad, online, or staying in Ireland. Read on to find out more about each.


So, the majority of aspiring EFL teachers in Ireland are either going to go abroad or online. Since abroad isn’t Ireland, we’ll only cover online teaching. The demand for tutors on the Web is huge, and growing, especially since the beginning of the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. Online work allows you to make money and gain experience from the comfort of your own home.


EFL teaching jobs mostly exist in the likes of summer camps, private language schools, centres for refugees, or for immigrants. The main cities and towns, as you would expect, have the best jobs markets:

  • Dublin
  • Cork
  • Galway


The majority of people going into TEFL do so to work abroad. Their reasons are many: wanderlust, escapism, wages, for the enjoyment of teaching itself – the list goes on. The countries with the highest demand for teachers are as follows:

  • China
  • Thailand
  • Spain
  • South Korea
  • Japan

If you want to find out a bit more about average salaries, then read on.

How to start

The hardest part of teaching English in Ireland is that the course you complete must be ACELS accredited, severely limiting where you can get your qualifications from. Now you can see why online teaching is such a popular option!

If you do decide to teach in Ireland, then make sure to get certified with the correct ACELS accredited course. Moreover, you must have a bachelor’s degree.

Teaching Online

If you go down the route of online tutoring, then what you need isn’t so simple. It can be mind-boggling when trying to choose from the vast array of different agencies. The safest way forward is to become TEFL qualified by completing a training course and obtaining a certificate.

TEFL Certificates

Just like there are a multitude of agencies to choose from, there is also a load of course providers. Picking one is difficult. The most important things to consider are accreditation and the number of training hours involved.

Accreditation is how you can tell whether a company and its products are legitimate and recognised. If a company does not have any visible accreditation then it’s probably best they’re avoided.

A good example of an accredited course provider is The TEFL Org. They are the most accredited TEFL company in the UK, solidifying their reputation with employers worldwide. With the possibility of completing a course online or at one of their Irish venues, The TEFL Org is a perfect fit for anyone looking to teach at home or abroad.

How much can you get paid?

Teaching, in any field, is rarely a lucrative profession. However, due to the TEFL industry’s broad, far-reaching, and adventurous nature, there is a large variation in wages.

Here is a brief guide on the sort of pay you should expect in certain regions around the world.


Big job-market powerhouses such as China, South Korea, Japan, and Thailand are located in this region and each has its own abundance of employment opportunities.

  • China: €1200 – €2500 per month
  • South Korea: €1000 – €2500 per month
  • Japan €1000 – €2200 per month
  • Thailand: €800 – €2000 per month


It’s very easy for EU citizens to access the strong job markets in the likes of Spain, Italy, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

  • Spain: €800 – €1800 per month
  • Italy: €750 – €1800 per month
  • Poland: €750 – €1800 per month
  • Czechia: €700 – €1800 per month

Latin America

The most affordable of the main TEFL regions in Latin America. Demand is growing in a number of countries, including Mexico, Colombia,  and Ecuador.

  • Mexico: €600 – €2000 per month
  • Colombia: €600 – €1600 per month
  • Ecuador: €500 – €1600 per month


There are a number of different companies you could work for, so pinning down an average salary is difficult and potentially misleading. So, here are several popular agencies with their rates to give an idea of what to expect.

  • DaDa: Around €13 – €22 per hour.
  • PalFish: €9 – €25 per hour.
  • OpenENglish: €11 – €13 per hour.

As you can see, there are countless opportunities to find work as an EFL teacher in Ireland or abroad. Take the leap of faith and start your TEFL adventure.


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