Strategies To Maintain A Highly Motivated Workforce

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Companies and their respective Human Resources departments face endless challenges in this era of continuous and radical change. Its workforce becomes more and more a very diverse set of global profiles and with digital-focused skills.

Also their needs and expectations have evolved towards the use of new technologies, tools, and business models.

In this post, the most prominent challenges faced by organizations are analyzed and some recommendations are offered to ensure efficient operational functioning, hand in hand with a highly motivated workforce.

Strategies to maintain a highly motivated workforce in companies

Currently, companies need support and guidance to learn to reduce the gap between the requirements and peculiarities of their workers and what the business environment demands. The following guidelines are intended to help rewrite the rules of the game for business success, highlighting the importance of work motivation and adaptation to new times.

Break with the hierarchy:

Organizations no longer carry out their processes as they did ten years ago. Before, hierarchies were essential to maintain control under the idea that “someone must make the decisions.” It was believed that if everyone did what they saw best, the company would easily lose its bearings.

Today, companies have opted for versatility and agility:

For this, it has been necessary to break with hierarchical structures and design different models with a focus on teamwork. Each worker does their part and has the capacity to make decisions according to their responsibilities and using negotiation and resilience as their main competencies. Leaders are in charge of knowing their workers in depth in order to form efficient teams that work together for clear objectives. Multidisciplinary work is highly valued as experts in each subject can contribute to a project through existing connections between its members. In many situations, the presence of workforce management software is needed.

Offer learning and training opportunities:

Many companies have found that part of their workers’ emotional pay includes accessing opportunities for continuous learning and development within the company itself. In turn, organizations benefit from having a more qualified workforce prepared for technological and business model changes. In addition, all this contributes to the improvement of the corporate culture.

Avoid poor hiring practices:

In companies there are a series of vices or bad practices in the matter of hiring personnel. Bureaucracy, nepotism and patronage or lever are some of them. The bureaucracy that companies suffer negatively impacts their processes and slows down their operation. But it also affects hiring of human resources when approvals must go through many hands, for example. The implementation of continuous improvements through external and internal audits can allow visualizing where the obstacles are and developing a new work methodology. As for nepotism, some companies hire family members or close friends to carry out certain positions for which they are not properly trained. With this bad practice, a small business risks relying on limited resources. It is something that is not easy to handle, especially in a family business, but there are ways to establish rules of the game that avoid affecting productivity and competitiveness.

Promote a good experience for employees:

Human Resources departments are focusing their work on understanding and improving the experience of workers. A good experience for employees results in a good experience for the company’s customers. The worker is the spokesperson for the company wherever he goes; what he tells about his experience in it becomes the company’s calling card.

Finally, your workers should become your biggest and best followers, as long as their experience matches the image that the company sells to the public. Hence, organizations have as one of their goals to retain their employees and consolidate their sense of belonging.


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