Sash Windows vs. Aluminum windows

Posted December 17, 2019 in More

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Sash windows and Aluminum windows are both  more popular today but they are greatly different in appearance. While one is great is taste other one is best in function. Sash windows are the single-frame windows that are designed for glazing. These types of windows come with two sashes. It can slide down and up as it balances sash with cast-iron, counter-weight steel on the cord. That is concealed properly with a hollow-box frame.

Aluminum windows come with frame or case of aluminum. These are the mostly durable frame that you will find usually at industries, workplaces and other buildings. They are perfect for commercial rooms. They are usually placed on different outdoor parts of your house. They are durable and you can also go for the design. There are different types of decorative windows available today with aluminum.

Source: Photo by Ján Jakub Naništa on Unsplash


Aluminum windows offer extreme strength to stay long. It has long-lasting durability. But the frame loses its color due to exposure to wind, rain and dust.

Sash windows can last more than the aluminum windows and it can last for generations. Woodwork can damage over time but it can be restored with a little bit of effort. They are prone to contracting, warping and expanding with the effect of temperature and humidity change.


Aluminum windows are very much formal in look and much suitable for a commercial building. Sash windows are much more unique in look and they are the best of houses. They can give your home an aesthetic value. They are best for a traditional looking home.

Cleaning process

Aluminum windows are not easy to clean from the inside out but the sash windows are easy to clean from inside too. Sash windows come with unobtrusive screens.


There are different types of sash windows are available today and you will get your own options to choose the right one like the double-hung windows, double-hung tilt windows sliding windows, Casement windows, bay and bow windows etc.

Aluminum windows can be extruded in a variety of profiles with varying widths and thicknesses to suit design needs. There are different profiles available in the market that can suit your double or even triple glazing.


When it comes to price aluminum windows are cheaper than the sash windows. Sash windows are exclusive and expensive. The price of aluminum windows depends on its thickness and quality mostly.

Both types of the window are highly popular now but they differ mostly in price and appearance.

Feature Image Credit: Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash


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