Safety in Parking Areas: Tips To Protect Them

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If you are concerned about the safety of your parking lot, you are in the right place. Vehicle parking spaces are often risky, as car thieves can act at any time. We tell you more about security in parking areas.

Why should a parking lot be safe?

Parking lots usually store a large number of vehicles in their spaces. Many of them have a high value, in addition to representing an important part of the assets of their owners.

Similarly, accidents can happen in parking lots, such as collisions between cars, run over by pedestrians, theft or robbery. To avoid these cases, it is important to take into account the following security measures:

1. Install security cameras

Security cameras are highly efficient for surveillance of open perimeters. In the case of parking lots, the most advisable thing is to install a set of bullet-type digital cameras, since their rotary movement capacity allows strange events to be identified quickly.

In the same way, these cameras must be integrated into a monitoring center, which guarantees an immediate response in the event of any mishap that may occur. They also have certain advanced functions, such as video analytics and automatic zoo.

2. Optimize night lighting

Criminal acts that occur in parking lots often occur at night. Thieves often take advantage of the dark to commit their misdeeds by opening vehicles and stealing what they find inside, or stealing cars without any qualms.

To counteract this, parking lot managers must ensure that they have a good lighting network, so that each lamp post or recessed lamp is fully operational.

3. Improve signage and scratches

Parking lots are security areas in which a preventive attitude must be maintained at all times. Among the pedestrians that circulate in the parking lot, there are children and older adults, who often accompany the owners of the cars.

For this reason, it is important that the pedestrian markings within the parking lot are in good condition. Likewise, the caution signs, bollards, maximum speed and exit indications, must always be visible.

4. Incorporate fire extinguishers and alarms

Parking lots are places prone to the occurrence of a fire. This is because a vehicle may have a fault that results in fire.

In this sense, every parking lot must have fire extinguishers available around its perimeter. It is also necessary to install fire alarm systems, and, if the parking lot is covered, water sprinklers can also be installed on the roof.

Have security personnel

Beyond the installation of security cameras or fire alarms, a parking lot must also have security personnel on its premises. In this way, the work of electronic security devices is complemented by human presence. However, when hiring a private security company, it must have a recognized track record and comply with the required protocols.

Have checkpoints and collection lockers

A parking lot will not be completely safe if it does not have automated checkpoints at its entrances and exits. These mechanisms prevent the entry or exit of a vehicle that has not taken a ticket when entering, or that has not canceled its stay when leaving.

The automated checkpoints are usually interconnected with the collection system, and also have motion sensors that ensure the exit of only one car at a time.

It is also necessary to install collection lockers, which can be located directly at the exit of the parking lot, or in another sector of it, in order to apply the modality known as pre-paid ticket, which is more practical and safe.

Finally, to guarantee security in the parking areas, it is possible to seek specialized advice from companies that have experience in the area.


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