Roadmap: Paying Heed

Posted 4 months ago in More

Dublin dance festival 2019 – desktop banner
Taphouse spring-19 banner

They stopped us in our tracks. The simplicity of the message, the strength of the visuals, the arresting moment which agencies so often strive for and so frequently fail to deliver.

Take a bow then Diana Bamimeke (20), Kayleigh McKevitt (24) and Caoimhe Flanagan (20) for their poster project under the tutelage of artist Garret Phelan and his Heed Office.

Tackling direct provision, accessibility and homelessness, the campaign was a stark reminder of issues which surround us.

“Well, I don’t know what a ‘real’ curator feels like, so for a lot of it I didn’t feel like a curator,” says Diana.

“When I think of a curator, I imagine some fancy person in a gallery in Manhattan or Paris. And I’m just a kid from Dublin. I’m very grateful for it, but it was a very nerve-wracking thing to do. It was really great to witness the enthusiasm for the project from other people who are really far into their careers, way ahead of where I am. Also, being in those artistic spaces, institutions, interacting with curators and artists, gave me the confidence to move through other artistic spaces.”


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