Roadmap – MADOUVEH: 50 Tips for a Banging Session

Posted November 19, 2020 in More

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“Many species of madouvehs can be encountered on the wild steppes of the session. Rich, poor, male, female, gay, lesbian, non-binary- one thing that unites all these groups is a deep love of a banging sesh. In this groundbreaking, jaw-shattering guide, the reader will be endowed with valuable knowledge that will help them successfully navigate their way through the trials and tribulations of drug-fuelled decadence.”*


#11 Lighting Fundamentals

This is sesh-sential. The last thing anyone wants is to session in a room that’s more lit than themselves. Warm lighting can be the key difference between mellow ambience and faces that look like you should call an ambulance. No one wants to have their faces illuminated whilst trying their best not to chew through it.”

*Editor’s note: We are currently prohibited from having banging sessions under government guidelines. Please consider this publication as advance research for that almighty post-Covid sesh.

Madouveh: 50 Tips for a Banging Session, L. Kenny & S. Cuddy, €14.95

IG: @madouveh


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