Roadmap: Give Up Yer Aul Tings

Posted 3 months ago in More

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Does it spark joy?’ is perhaps the best known catchphrase of recent times. Marie Kondo’s Netflix series brought the concept of decluttering to the fore of middle-class considerations. At home Emma Gleeson is sparking joy with her Give Up Yer All Tings service.   

Having studied the psychology of our modern addiction to over-consumption, Gleeson realised how much she had amassed in her own life. “It took some time but once I had got rid of everything that I did not truly love or need, I felt so much lighter, freer and better able to enjoy my possessions,” she says.

“Let me be clear, I am NOT a minimalist! I love having a house full of books, pictures, trinkets and memories, believing material culture to be an essential element of how we express ourselves. But the difference is that I love everything I own, keep it all in good working order, and get rid of anything that has outgrown its use or charm.”

€160 (10am-2pm), €350 (10am-6pm)

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