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In many ways, Lloyds Online Doctor’s service is just like a normal doctor’s practice. Patients come to their clinic for help on a range of conditions. But what makes Lloyds Online Doctor different is that all of their consultations are online. They treat patients who are 18 and over.

There are three simple steps:

  1. Complete a short medical questionnaire and pay for your prescription online. Their doctors usually confirm your order within an hour during the week. If suitable for the treatment, you’ll receive a notification that your prescription is ready in your Patient Record.
  2. They’ll send your prescription to your chosen local pharmacy. If your order is approved before 4pm, you should be able to pick up and pay for your medication the same day.
  3. If their doctors believe you are not suitable for treatment, they will provide a full refund. If they feel they need more information, they will send you a message in your secure Patient Record which is set up when you register.

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One of the advantages of using the Lloyds Online Doctor’s services is the savings that come alongside it. For those without a medical card (54% of the Irish population), it often works out cheaper than the cost of visiting your GP in-person. Research shows that 18% of women interested in routine contraception without a medical card reported that the cost of a consultation was a barrier for them. The savings offered by Lloyds Online Doctor alongside the convenience of using the service offers users an alternative, viable option.

Find below the different clinics offered by Lloyds Online Doctor.


Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to gain or maintain an erection, sufficient for satisfactory sexual intercourse. It is a very common problem, affecting half of Irish men over 50. ED can be caused by physical problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and vascular disease (narrowing of the blood vessels) and can be an “early warning” sign of heart disease. ED can also be caused by diseases that affect the nerves and hormonal problems. Psychological issues such as stress, depression or anxiety also contribute to the problem. However, in most cases it’s a combination of both physical and psychological factors.

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Hair Loss

The main symptom of male pattern baldness is thinning hair at the sides and top of the head. If your hair loss isn’t bothering you, you don’t need to treat it. But if it’s worrying you, there are effective treatments that can slow down or stop hair loss.

Hair loss affects 50% of men over the age of 50, yet hair loss can start for some in their 20s. Lloyds Online Doctor hair loss clinic offers Finasteride as a prescription-only treatment to help slow hair loss, and, in some cases, reverse hair loss caused by male pattern baldness. This works by blocking DHT, stopping the hormone from attacking hair follicles. This treatment is not suitable for women.   It can take between three and six months before you see an effect.

This is because of the length of time the hair loss follicles take to go through a full cycle. As soon as you stop taking the Finasteride, hair loss is likely to come back, so the treatment will have to be taken for as long as you’d like to slow the hair loss.

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Routine Contraception

Lloyds Online Doctor offers two main types of routine contraception: the mini-pill and the combined pill. Most combined pills are taken for 21 days, followed by a pill-free week with a withdrawal bleed. Other pills, including the mini-pill, are taken continuously for 28 days.

Other methods include the patch, which delivers hormones through the skin, and the ring, which is inserted into the vagina for 21 days, followed by a 7-day break with a withdrawal bleed.



Asthma attacks are sudden worsenings of asthma symptoms. They are often caused by triggers such as allergens or irritants. During an asthma attack, the airways tighten, leading to breathlessness, wheezing, and coughing. If approved, Lloyds Online Doctor offers different inhalers to help with this.

Beclomethasone and Seretide inhalers are known as controllers and are used to manage swelling and inflammation in the airways. Salbutamol inhalers are known as relievers and used to relieve asthma symptoms by relaxing the muscles in the narrowed airways.


Weight Loss

Lloyds Online Doctor can prescribe Xenical, a weight loss tablet that prevents fat absorption, to people with a BMI above 30 (or 28 with a risk factor such as diabetes).


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