Live In Dublin? You Must Have These Apps

Posted May 10, 2016 in More

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If you’re living in the capital city and want to make your time more rewarding then you need these apps on your side. They’ll do everything from helping you plan the perfect night out to getting you home safely. These are Dublin specific too, so there’s no need to worry that they won’t work correctly in the city, unlike Google Maps!

Irish Rail: If you’re using public transport in the city then the app for Irish Rail is what you need. This gives you the latest timetables and updates on travel, which is particularly handy for those long delays. They also have a really active social media team, so if you have Twitter or Facebook you can easily get in touch and ask questions about the service.

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Lucky Admiral: This mobile version of a site gives you all the best ways to play casino games without spending your own cash. These games can be played for fun or you can even win more money, perfect for that midday pint.

Walk Dublin: We could list all of the times that Google Maps has sent us the wrong way around the city so it’s good to find an app that’s specific to these streets. Walk Dublin is all you need to plan quick routes or take a more scenic approach to getting from A to B.

Uber: Americans are going mad for this ride sharing app and it hasn’t taken long for it to come to Ireland. Pay for your taxi with PayPal and check how much it will be BEFORE you get in, what else could you ask for? Well, you can also track your taxi before it gets to you and check the reviews of the driver, so you’re not left out in the pouring rain.

Groupon: Dublin can be an expensive city to dine in so this voucher app is a must have if you want to cut your costs. Dine in top quality restaurants and pay even less for it using this fantastic app. If you’re stumped for places to go then this can also serve as inspiration for the evening too, as it contains everything from cocktail classes to gymnastics.

Dublin Event Guide: Seen one of the events on our guide and want to shop around for tickets? This handy app will recommend events based on your price point and get you into the hottest pop up events. Check out their free section for some great gigs without a ticket price.



Cheapest Pint: If you’re ready for that pint to kick off a long night of drinking then you should have this app at your disposal. Ideal for students and those on a budget, it will show the cheapest place to buy your pint. Sort by the closest pubs or the cheapest pints, whatever you prefer, and enjoy every sip.

Storymap: There’s so much in the city just waiting to be explored and it has been home to many notable characters. This app will allow you to plug yourself into an immersive world that will be triggered by your location. As you walk around, different excerpts will play and relate to the items and landmarks around you. It’s a really cool app that turns every journey into a discovery session, even just walking to work!


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