How To Create A Unique Festival? – Edel Tobin Waterford Walls Festival

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We have the answers to some of your questions as we ask a selection of insiders to offer their advice, tips and insights gleaned from their experiences in their chosen creative field. Here’s Edel Tobin of Waterford Walls on How To Create A Unique Festival.

“Identify a problem and provide a solution which is the festival’s core vision.

Waterford Walls Festival was founded to inspire and connect communities. Waterford is a city which was badly affected by a long economic recession which resulted in the city centre being left with many derelict and empty buildings. The city had to find a new identity with the huge loss of the glass industry.

Waterford Walls provides the solution in two key ways. It regenerates the city centre and brings new life to the long-forgotten areas which are brightened with stunning artwork. The art inspires the people to take action and reclaim their public space. Street art works particularly well in this context as it is a very inclusive and engaging artform.

Tip: Never take no for an answer, knock on another door, there are lots of them.”

Edel Tobin

Founder and project manager at Waterford Walls

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