Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service: What to Look For

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When it’s time for a thorough carpet cleaning, hiring professional cleaners is the best way to get your carpets looking fresh, clean, and revitalised again. However, not all carpet cleaning companies provide the same level of service and results. Here are the top things to look for when hiring carpet cleaners for the first time.

1. Proper Certifications and Licensing

The first thing to verify is that any carpet cleaning company you consider is properly certified and licensed to operate in your area. They should have all required permits and business licenses in order. Ask to see proof of up-to-date certification.

Look for membership in established industry organisations like the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA) in the UK and Ireland. The NCCA is the leading trade association for carpet, upholstery, and hard floor cleaning companies. Their members must adhere to a strict code of practice and meet high standards of workmanship, quality, and customer service. NCCA approval is a sign of a well-qualified cleaning company.

For instance, Aqua Dry is the only carpet cleaning Dublin company recognised by the prestigious NCCA for its expertise and dedication to quality service. Choosing an NCCA member like Aqua Dry ensures you’re getting a reputable company that meets verified standards.

Checking for proper licensing and certifications weeds out any disreputable or fly-by-night operators. You want to choose an established, qualified cleaning company.

2. Method of Carpet Cleaning

There are several carpet cleaning methods professional services may use. Make sure to ask what primary method a company uses and if they offer multiple options.

  • Steam Cleaning, also known as hot water extraction, is an extremely effective deep cleaning method. It involves spraying heated cleaning solutions into the carpet fibres, which are then extracted along with dirt using powerful vacuum suction. Steam cleaning can clean carpets thoroughly from the backing up.
  • Dry Cleaning uses absorbent compounds that are worked into the carpet pile and cling to dirt, which is then vacuumed up without any water or detergents. This is a much quicker method but may not clean as deeply. We reserve its use for carpets that cannot be wet cleaned due to risk of shrinkage.

Ideally, choose a company that offers multiple methods and can customise to your carpets’ needs. Thorough steam cleaning paired with powerful truck-mounted vacuum units offers the deepest clean for soiled or previously neglected carpets.

3. Experience and Company Reputation

Look for an established carpet cleaning company with many years of experience serving clients in your local area. Newer start-ups or fly-by-night operators can be riskier choices. Ideally, choose a company that has been operating locally for 5+ years and has cleaned thousands of homes in your city or region. Extensive experience over many years suggests they are an established business that does quality work.

Do some research to understand the company’s reputation based on online reviews, testimonials, and referrals. Look for glowing 4-5 star reviews consistently praising their exceptional cleaning results and customer service. Many happy customers is a good sign. You can search online reviews on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Yelp for unfiltered customer feedback. Look for recurrent themes like “went the extra mile,” “very detailed work,” and “left carpets impeccably clean.” Numerous reviews like this indicate a stand-out reputation.

You can also request references from past local customers who you can contact directly to ask about their experience and results. First-hand reports help validate quality. An experienced cleaner with a stellar reputation has demonstrated their abilities over many jobs. Newer pop-up companies can’t establish that trust. Reputation matters – go with proven experience.

4. Insurance Coverage

When hiring a carpet cleaning company, make sure to verify that they have adequate insurance coverage. At a minimum, they should have an active Public Liability Insurance policy, which covers damages and incidents occurring as a result of their work and negligence. You can request to see proof of their current public liability coverage and confirm it is adequate.

Ideally, look for cleaners whose public liability insurance significantly exceeds the minimum requirements. For instance, larger professional cleaning companies may carry €13 million or more in public liability coverage. Higher limits provide peace of mind if major damages were to somehow occur. Make sure any carpet cleaning company has adequate policies in force to protect you as the client from financial risk and headaches.

5. Post-job Customer Care

The hallmark of a great carpet cleaning service is meticulous attention to detail. Do you have recourse if anything was not satisfactory after the job was completed?

Reputable companies may follow up after cleaning to check your satisfaction. At Aqua-Dry, we check in via email, text, or phone call after each and every job to ensure customer satisfaction. We have often been called into fix jobs that another company carried out because the customer no longer wanted to deal with that company or could not get a response. We actively look for feedback and deal with any issues that may arise promptly and willingly.

Look for reviews that praise a provider’s meticulous service and attention to detail.

6. Fair and Transparent Pricing

Quality professional carpet cleaning does require time, labour, and materials. However, prices should still be fair and reasonable, not inflated. Do your due diligence by comparing rates against other well-regarded local cleaning companies.

Avoid carpet cleaners with prices that seem suspiciously low or off-market. Rock bottom prices may signal cut corners or inexperienced staff. On the flip side, be wary of significantly inflated rate quotes, which may signal bait-and-switch tactics.

Also, insist on transparency with no hidden fees. Obtain a detailed written estimate so you know exactly what is covered. Reputable providers will explain all costs upfront, including any optional add-ons.

If you can’t afford the going rate, rather than risking your carpets with a poor provider, it’s worth enquiring about payment plans or waiting until companies provide special offers.  These are common in the spring months and just before Christmas.

7. Options and Add-Ons

Speaking of add-ons, look for carpet cleaning companies that offer extra services to customise your cleaning. For example:

  • Spot removal: For extra stubborn stains or pet accidents.
  • Deodorising treatments: To eliminate odours and freshen carpets.
  • Protectants: Such as Scotchguard to create an invisible layer of protection that repels future stains.
  • Area rug cleaning: For intricately patterned oriental and decorative rugs.

Choose a company that gives options to enhance the cleaning to your needs. Just make sure the costs are clearly explained beforehand.

8. Satisfaction Guarantee

Any reputable, professional carpet cleaner should stand fully behind their work. Make sure they offer an ironclad satisfaction guarantee. Ideally, they should provide a full refund if you are unsatisfied for any reason. At a minimum, they should offer free re-cleaning of any spots initially missed.

A guarantee provides peace of mind that the company will make things right if any issues arise. Choose a carpet cleaner who guarantees your absolute satisfaction. Any carpet cleaner who doesn’t offer a guarantee isn’t worth the risk.

9. Service Area

Be sure to verify the exact service area of any carpet cleaning company you’re considering. Many professional cleaners concentrate on servicing specific neighbourhoods, cities, or regions near their business location. Ask directly whether the company sends technicians to service residential homes in your particular neighbourhood or locality. Provide your full address when obtaining quotes to determine which companies actively operate and send workers to your area.

Research options and availability amongst carpet cleaners operating in your desired postal code. Focus on established local options that confirm they have availability to send their cleaning teams to service your home or neighbourhood regularly. You want to ensure they are truly active and sending technicians throughout your desired area, especially if you plan to hire someone on a regular basis.

You can see from our reviews page which areas we tend to frequent most regularly. You can even put in your own location and see reviews just from your area: https://aqua-dry.com/reviews/

10. Scheduling Convenience

Look for professional carpet cleaners that make the scheduling process fast and convenient for busy customers. If the carpet cleaner requires phone scheduling only, ask about their availability for weekend, or early morning appointments if those times are preferable for you. Also, good companies tend to be booked out in advance, so the earlier you book before you need the job done, the more likely you are to get the slot that you require. Afternoon appointments can be easier to get as morning appointments tend to book out more quickly.

11. Pre-Cleaning Preparations

Find out in advance what preparations, if any, will be required from you prior to your scheduled cleaning appointment. Quality professional carpet cleaners should handle the bulk of pre-cleaning tasks themselves as part of the standard service.

Ask specifically whether the carpet cleaner vacuums and moves all portable furnishings out of cleaning areas themselves as part of their regular prep work. You don’t want to be left responsible for moving heavy furniture alone. Also, enquire if there are any special access requirements or restrictions, such as keeping pets secure away from the home during the visit or clearing clutter from spaces that need cleaning.

Any expectations of the property owner should be clearly spelt out upfront during quoting and scheduling, not left as a surprise. You want to confirm what preparatory tasks will and will not be self-handled by the carpet cleaning crew.

12. Customer Service

Look for carpet cleaners renowned not only for delivering exceptional results but also for providing courteous, professional customer service. Read reviews and testimonials that speak directly to their staff’s level of communication, responsiveness, and service mindset.

See if past customers praise their carpet cleaner for keeping them informed at every step of the process, listening to special requests, treating their home with care, and following up after service is complete. You want a carpet cleaning company committed to making the experience smooth and satisfactory from the initial quote through to job completion. Opt for a provider focused on customer care through communication, transparency, and skill – not just on cleaning competency alone.

Outstanding customer service separates average carpet cleaners from truly top-tier professionals. Make sure to prioritise it when evaluating providers.

Following these tips should help you find a top-notch carpet cleaning company for brilliantly clean results. Do your homework to hire a cleaner that goes above and beyond. Your carpets will look pristine again once they are professionally cleaned by a company dedicated to quality service. Don’t settle for less!


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