Flying the Flag: Naoise Farrell

Posted 4 months ago in Fashion

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As fashion purveyors go, there are few facets of this industry that Naoise Farrell hasn’t crossed into.

Her post-grad trajectory has seen her preemptively break the bubble that most artistic communities suffer from, evading any one-trick-pony titles through her varied pursuits.

From freelance, film costume designer to fast-fashion tailoring assistant, delving into e-commerce and luxury-fashion domains thereafter, Farrell – currently based in Zurich – covered the whole spectrum of the supply chain.

Her myriad workplaces may have differed in scale and substance, but one thought struck Farrell across each environment – the in-house conversations rarely dipped into current affairs.

This observation became part of the impetus for her latest project, Hot Potato: a bi-annual, bi-lingual publication formatted as half-newspaper, half-fashion magazine, whose topics stretch from Trump to the Sports section.

With a Sinead Burke portrait by Sibeal Devitt neighbouring a New York-based interview with NASA climatologist Gavin Schmidt, Farrell perfectly captures where fashion print needs to go.



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