Nineteen for ’19: Ruan Van Vliet – Illustrator

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Dublin dance festival 2019 – desktop banner
Taphouse spring-19 banner

“Clean up the Liffey and build a waterslide from my studio into it” – Ruan Van Vliet


Your creative highlight of 2018?

Being asked to work on the Christ Church Cathedral hoarding was a big deal for me.  Even though it was a mammoth amount of work, it couldn’t have gone easier and that’s all thanks to the work of Fergal Adams and the team at Unthink and the input and guidance of Ruth in Christ Church. It was a really positive and encouraging environment to work in. Dream job.

Your personal creative goal for 2019?

I want to do a set of stamps for An Post, get a residency somewhere warm and remote and do more large scale public work.


You get to redesign or reimagine Dublin in 1 way, what would you do?

We’ve far too many serious problems to fix in one witty soundbite so maybe I’ll just ask that they clean up the Liffey and build a waterslide from my studio into it.  


How would you describe the Dublin of your dreams, in 18 words or less?

Free Gaff Forever, Be Sound and Be Around.


Three of your local creative heroes, people who people need to know about.

1.  Seán Fitzgerald

Image Credit: Ger Duffy

Seán does a lot of stuff, you could catch him singing or fiddling at a session, leading bewildered tourists down strange alleys on one of his Ballad Tours or dressed up as Humpty Dumpty singing to kids at an outlaw bake sale. Whatever it is it’s sure to be deliriously brilliant, life affirming and wholly original. He’s the real deal.

2.  Ross Carvill

Probably my favourite young illustrator around. His work is simple and absurd, the way I like it, but most importantly, it’s all coming from a very clear and confident voice. He has an exhibition opening January 11 in the Chocolate Factory.

3.  Isadora Epstein

Isadora is an artist and performer who produces wild and wooly works of dreamlike rigmarole, eerie portent and warm-hearted wisdom. A gem.

Words: Richard Seabrooke

Feature Image Credit: Johnny Savage


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