Crucial Tips to Remember When You Lose Your Car Keys

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What happens when you lose your car keys? Well, don’t fret, because that is not part of the solution. Every year, thousands of motorists are faced with this same challenge; hence, that must mean there is something they are doing to get through the situation, aside from being anxious.

Check if you have a spare key and if you do not have one; your next move might be to call the locksmith, which can be a costly option.

What if there are other options you are still yet to explore?

Calling the locksmith might not be the only way out. Here are other things to remember when you suddenly lose your car keys.


  1. Find an Auto Locksmith

Some of the benefits that you stand to gain from calling a locksmith specialist is that some of them have mobile service that makes it easy to locate you.


That’s not all, as these specialists can reprogram your vehicle in such a way that any of your lost keys can no longer be used to access the car; hence, it would reduce the risk of car theft.

With the replacement keys you will be given, you can once again enjoy the comfort of your vehicle.


  1. Notify Your Insurance Company

Will your breakdown insurance provider also provide cover for the loss of keys? When you lose your keys, sometimes it is hard to tell whether it was stolen or if you misplaced it. If after looking around, you still cannot find them, then you should contact your insurer to make a claim.

Yes, some insurance policies cover the loss of car keys. Similarly, other insurers may only go as far as paying someone to get into your car if your key is trapped inside it. Some insurance policies may cover only the retrieval of the spare key from your house, and still yet, some policies will make transport arrangements for you and those stuck on the road with you.

That clearly shows how important it is to choose the right company and why you should be clear on how much coverage you will be able to enjoy after signing up.

Will your normal auto insurance cover the cost of replacing your car keys?

The answer you are likely to get from most insurers is, No it wouldn’t.

That is because to enjoy this extra coverage you’ll need to upgrade your insurance policy, which is a little more expensive, or you can simply purchase an add-on cover.


  1. Inform the Police

Do you think your key has been stolen? If yes, then you should remember to file a report at your local police department. Doing this can help you reduce the risk of an identity theft, especially if your purse got stolen with the keys.

Also, when you file a theft claim with your insurance company, some of them will need you to present a valid police report. This is worth remembering when you find that you have been locked out of your car.


  1. Get New Set of Keys

The model of the car that you drive can influence this charge. If you drive an old vehicle, you may not have to pay as much as the other fellow who drives a modern car.

The price for getting new sets of keys will cost about £200 for modern vehicles, and that is because of the coding and programming that are used to activate the alarm in these vehicles.

A franchised dealer can help you get new keys, but also, you may need to prepare your mind ahead of time, because you might have to wait up to ten days before getting a replacement.


  1. Be Vigilant

Not everyone who portrays themselves to be a locksmith is actually one. Hence, while trying to get a key replacement, you need to be alert, and vigilant. Some car owners have been defrauded through this means, because they were desperate to be on their way.

We strongly advise that you deal with licensed companies and avoid companies that have numerous complaints from their customers. Also, don’t allow just anyone to replace your car lock, no matter how nice they seem.

It is best to ask a professional to replace it, after all, that is what they are trained for. Don’t allow anyone to take advantage of your desperation. We hope you will always remember that.



Get Every Necessary Information about the Vehicle

At this point where you are so eager to reach out to the locksmith, do you realize that they will require some information from you?

Try and remember your vehicle identification number, the model, year of your car and the make as well. Because without this information in place, the locksmith might not be able to find the right key for your car.

Has this been very helpful to you? With these tips in mind, you will always get through every challenge with your car lock. Whether or not it was stolen or misplaced.


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