CBD Vape Oil Sees a Growth Spurt in Dublin

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Often touted as a new supplement for anxiety, depression, and pain relief, CBD has gained further traction in recent years both in regular and scientific communities. Many people drink it in teas or other beverages, but you can also consume it as vape oil.

CBD vape oil in particular has spiked in popularity throughout Dublin. We want to examine why CBD vape oil growth in Dublin has increased and where consumers can find genuine and safe products.

CBD Vape Oil vs. Normal Vape Oils

Before we get too far, we have to cover what exactly CBD vape oil is.

CBD itself, or cannabidiol, is a form of cannabis (marijuana). Studies have hinted at marijuana’s positive effects on the body, particularly for sleep problems, anxiety, and chronic pain.

CBD vape oil is CBD oil mixed with a liquid ready for use in a vape pen. Vape oil comes in pre-filled cartridges that you twist onto the vape pen, which heats the liquid and produces a vapour to inhale.

While normal vaping can be a relaxing activity, CBD pushes that to another level, allowing your body to enjoy the flavoured vapour on top of CBD’s soothing qualities. Research is still ongoing as to who CBD affects most, but you can slowly increase your CBD vape oil dosage to see how you feel.

Why has CBD Vape Oil Grown in Popularity?

As it turns out, CBD vape oil has more benefits than supposedly helping with anxiety and depression.

Faster Consumption of Vape Oil Through Lungs

Perhaps one reason CBD vape oil has grown in popularity is that it’s a faster method of taking CBD.

Regular CBD gets consumed through ingestion, namely a pill or gummy. In that case, it has to go through the digestive system before you can reap any benefits from it. On the other hand, CBD vape oil is inhaled, passing fast from your lungs to your blood. The digestive system filters out a considerable chunk of a regular CBD dosage, forcing you to take more to get the desired effects.

Inhaling CBD vape oil bypasses your digestive system altogether, so nothing gets filtered out. In other words, if you needed a fast bit of pain relief, it would work faster to inhale CBD oil through vaping rather than waiting for a capsule to take effect. The effects of CBD vape oil can last up to six hours, but you might begin feeling those effects in as little as fifteen minutes.

Fun, Sweet Flavours

A lot of brands have also embraced all the fun CBD vape oil flavours. Some people have reported cutting back on candy and other sweets since CBD vape oil has proved to be a decent substitute. It’s also easy to switch out those flavours, so you can enjoy a new one whenever you want.

Inhaling Vape Oil Does Not Include Smoke or Soot

CBD vape oil does not need to burn to become effective. Both CBD and normal vape oil get vapourized into gas, and particulate matter inside the oil does not turn to soot, which damages the lungs.

Mostly Legal and Affordable

For the most part, CBD vape oil is legal in the UK and is also largely affordable. We’ll go into more detail on those two items further on.

What Flavours Can I Get?

Flavoured vape oils can mask any taste of CBD in CBD vape oil. They’ll usually use hemp extracts to hide the taste, but you can also get vape juice that tastes like a dessert or fruit.

Just some of the flavours you can find may include the following:

  • Strawberry milk
  • Vanilla custard
  • Watermelon green apple
  • Pink lemonade
  • Blueberry jam
  • Strawberry cheesecake
  • Blue raspberry
  • Pineapple
  • Chocolate chip cookie
  • Strawberry custard

Each brand may have its flavours to choose from, but you should see many fun and delicious flavours no matter where you look.

Remember that, no matter how yummy a flavour may sound, vape juice is for inhalation, not ingestion.

Is it Expensive to Buy?

Compared to buying cigarettes and other forms of electronic smoking, vaping is pretty cheap. On average, CBD vaping oil costs anything between $0.07 and $0.20 per milligram of CBD. The cheaper you buy, the cheaper the CBD vape oil becomes, and the more CBD a product has, the cheaper it will usually cost per milligram.

However, potency, not overall volume, determines the CBD vape oil price. Between two equally-sized bottles of CBD vape oil, the more potent bottle is going to cost more.

Potency Determined Price

The quality of the CBD vape oil’s production, including decent potency and raw materials, determines the price as well. High-quality CBD uses organic hemp with no pesticides, GMOs, or other toxic chemicals, which companies will usually test for before the CBD vape oil goes out for sale.

CBD vape oil gets sold at gas stations, smoke shops, online, and even in some pharmacies or health food stores. It’s easy sometimes to get tricked into buying from a non-reputable source.

Always Check for Pure, Tested Products

Before buying any form of CBD vape oil, make sure a third-party company has tested it for toxic chemicals. Also, make sure you are buying pure CBD vape oil and not hemp seed oil. Be wary of full-spectrum CBD vape oil as well, since some brands contain higher amounts of THC, which can produce adverse side effects. THC is a constituent of the hemp plant and can cause symptoms related to psychosis.

In terms of cost-effective products, cartridges and concentrates give the best experience for their money.

Is it Legal to Buy/Use in Ireland?

Luckily, CBD oil is legal to buy and use in Ireland. However, that depends on whether the CBD products have any THC in them. Ireland allows hemp plants to contain 0.2% THC or less, but that doesn’t apply to CBD products derived from hemp.

Oddly enough, the best way to produce THC-free products is to ensure the CBD came from carbon dioxide and solvent extraction. Ireland doesn’t allow CBD products of that sort.

However, Ireland classifies CBD as a novel food (meaning that it wasn’t consumed in the EU before May 1997), especially for CBD extracted with solvents, which require a novel food permit from the European Commission. One way to make CBD legal for sale is to extract it through cold pressing. Such a process is uncommon, however, and usually produces a lower-grade product.

If you feel a little unsure about buying from a seller, ask them to show you their Certificate of Analysis. Such a doc will prove that they’ve had their products thoroughly tested and they are safe to consume.

Do CBD Vape Oils Contain Nicotine?

As mentioned, CBD vape oil is not particularly harmful because it doesn’t produce soot. Some brands, however, do contain nicotine, an addictive substance also found in cigarettes.

If you don’t want your CBD oil to contain nicotine, you can buy CBD without it. Many brands don’t contain nicotine.


Combining the social activity of vaping with the relaxing effects of CBD oil has taken off in Dublin, and we can certainly see why. Not only is CBD vape oil legal in Dublin (though the total legality is a tad confusing at first), but there are tons of flavours and ways to have fun with vaping.

The best part is that CBD vape oil does not contain nicotine if you don’t want it. Nonetheless, we recommend you ensure your CBD vape oil comes from a reputable source. Non-reputable sellers have probably not tested their products and can produce unpleasant long-term side effects.


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