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We sat down with founders Mark Logan and Jody Kennedy to talk about their new venture.


Why is it important for our city to have spaces like Universal Space?

The last year has isolated us and left many spending so much time at desks, on computer screens or on endless zoom calls. Now more than ever it’s vital to feel the power of human connection, in the physical but also figurative sense. Universal Space is the place for all of this to happen.


How would you describe what Universal Space is?

A place for movement & strength training, elemental training, yoga, meditation and breathwork. It’s also a place for speaking events, art exhibitions, performances, aerial practices, gatherings and even workshops. We want it to be a place in the heart of Dublin where you can go to really connect with your mind, body and spirit, in whichever way is best suited to you.


What is the story behind US?

Universal space grew out of a spark that was ignited during the first lockdown, when Mark and Jody came together to hold a digital space for people who wanted it. Amongst other things, we practiced breathwork and also holding space for each other in an empathic non judgemental way.

The seed had been planted long before with us talking and dreaming about a space that was focused on developing all aspects of our humanity, physically, mentally and spiritually. Slowly this seed started to grow into a clearer idea of what we wanted to create: a space where people could come together to explore all the different facets of the human condition. This is at the core of everything we do at Universal Space.


What does Universal Space offer?

One on one sessions, group classes and online courses. Training methods based on ancient, proven methods coupled with modern scientific evidence. Meditation, breath work, music, art and educational talks on all aspects of being human.

Our initial offering will be a 6 week Elemental Training course which is designed around the 4 elements to give you a well rounded fitness addressing the 4 essential pillars of health: AIR, (aerobic / cardiovascular health), WATER (mobility, flow, flexibility), FIRE (explosive power, hormone boosting, metabolic flexibility) EARTH (strength and resilience of muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons). The aim of the elemental course is not just to get you into great shape, but to also educate you about your own body and inner power. Over the 6 weeks we explore and build progressively as we guide you through movement patterns and learn to incorporate the breath into training and everyday life.


How do we cultivate a healthy body, mind and spirit?

Looking at the human form as a web of interconnected systems and understanding that we can’t separate or isolate any of these from each other. Our mental state affects our physical state, which affects our spiritual state in turn. We can’t adjust one system without affecting the others. If we want to be in a truly natural, healthy state, it’s important that we look holistically at ourselves as a complex system of systems and understand that subtle practices like breathing, mobility, meditation and social connection are just as important as physical training.


What can we expect from Universal Space in the coming months?

We’re cooking up some really amazing things. From a small festival to aerial performances, meditative group sessions, and gatherings (covid dependant of course!) we really can’t wait to share with the city of Dublin what we’ve been creating for the last year. It feels like the perfect time for our project to see the light, it’s spring, the sun is out, and we can’t wait to connect with old and new friends in person.

Find out more about Universal Space at and follow them on Instagram @univ3rsalspace


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