Best casinos in Dublin

Posted June 15, 2021 in More

When you think of Dublin, chances are you are thinking of a city that is known for its friendly inhabitants, its rich cultural heritage and the beautiful green, lush landscape surrounding it. The city was founded in 841 BC and over the years many writers, poets and intellectuals have done their pilgrimages to Dublin.

But Dublin has so much more to offer visitors. For instance, did you know that Dublin has a world class selection of casinos? Even though online casinos can provide a great experience they don’t measure up to what a genuine, real life casino can offer, and Dublin has some of the very best casinos around. Here are five casinos in Dublin you should check out.


The Sporting Emporium

It may be currently closed due to the pandemic but when it once again opens to the public, this is the place to go for a great night of gaming, gambling, poker and whatnot. Since the grand opening in 2005, The Sporting Emporium has established itself as Ireland’s leading luxury casino. Suits both beginners and pros.


Playland Casino Dublin

Since closing its doors in October last year, due to the pandemic, many loyal regulars have waited patiently for them to reopen. Finally, on june 10th they did and it was as though no time had passed at all. Playland Casino Dublin is the premier electronic casino in Dublin and features roulette, slots and progressive jackpots that’s sure to satisfy most tastes.


Carlton Casino Club

If atmosphere and Art Deco is your thing, then look no further than Carlton Casino Club. Often hailed as Ireland’s most sophisticated casino club, this establishment was built in an Art Deco style that compliments the history of the building. In this beautiful setting you can experience genuine casino games like roulette, blackjack and the James Bond favourite – baccarat.


Empire Casino

You can’t miss Empire Casino if you pass by. Enlarged images of a roulette wheel are covering the tall windows along with headlines proclaiming that the insides houses slots with jackpots as well. Fans of slot machines will be right at home here with over 200 machines to chose from, including video poker. This casino also offers a customer loyalty program called Vantage Club. Currently closed due to the pandemic, but they stand ready as soon as the restrictions are lifted.


Fitzpatricks Casinos

At any of Fitzpatricks’ casinos the aim is entertainment of the highest standard. With casinos in both Limerick and Dublin, they strive to offer the latest amusement slot machines as well as electronic roulette. You can find them in two locations in Dublin – Parnell Street and Aungier Street. With over 30 years of experience in the gambling entertainment business they know how to take care of their customers with regular promotions and monthly draws as well.


So, if you’re thinking of taking a trip to Dublin this year don’t forget to plan a visit or two to a casino.


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