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I do not think that I am the only one who loves moving. It is like a fresh start at multiple levels. The best thing about moving is that you get to decorate your home in the exact way you would like. Finally, you can visualize your dreams. But it is not the grey couch or the black dresser that makes your dreams come true. It is the details and perhaps mostly those on the walls. At you can find quality art at an affordable price. 

There are many expenses in moving and therefore it can be nice if the paintings on the walls do not cost a fortune. Paintings do not only do something for your new home, but they can also give your old home a new spirit. Both large and small paintings can form a room or even an entire home.

Renew your home with paintings

I have lived in my own apartment for three years and that feels like an eternity for me. Not because it is a long time but because I have a need to renew. A need to create and give my home life. For some reason, I associate that with moving. With that, I have made my life more complicated for myself. But with art the possibilities to renew are countless.

Paintings can be placed and repositioned and they can be combined in numerous ways. You can move your paintings between different rooms, so you always have the possibility to complement your artwork with new paintings. I have not thought about buying paintings before because I probably thought that it would be a too expensive investment. But now I have learned that quality does not have cost a lot, which has given my old boring home a world of opportunities.

Which art should I choose?

Something that is tough about art is that you have to choose. There are many different types of art that you can decorate your home with, and it can sometimes seem a bit complicated to get into.

The different types of art: 

  • Abstract art
  • Modern art
  • Oil paintings

There are many exciting alternatives to dive into when it comes to art. I recommend that you research and find the category that fits you the most. You do not have to only choose one category. You can also make a mix of different types of paintings.

Abstract art is, as the name implies, art where the motive is not clear. That opens up for you to make your own interpretation of the painting and thereby make them your own.

Modern art is an extremely popular category that suits our Scandinavian homes. They often have a variety of colors and you might think that that does not sound particularly Scandinavian with a lot of colors, but it is the perfect way to break our minimalistic homes.

Painting with oil paint is both classic and timeless. Oil paint creates depth in a painting and the colors can be extremely beautiful. With hand-painted oil paintings, you know that your art is unique which gives your homes a little extra personal touch.


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