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Lots – too much! – Fringe goodness to inhale this weekend and beyond into next week. Check out our selections:


Jape Long


Friday 12 September | Meeting House Square | €16, 10.30pm

One of the most acclaimed and cherished acts in the Irish music scene, Richie Egan’s Jape, have a very special show lined up for the fringe this year as they take to the stage in the surrounds of one of city’s most striking gig spaces, Meeting House Square. Since Egan’s absconding to Malmö some time ago Jape gigs have become less regular and this homecoming show promises to be one of the most essential live music events of this year’s fringe calendar. It’s a testament to both Egan’s talent and work ethic that support on the night also comes from another project of his, Dimman. Translating as “the fog” in Swedish, Dimman is a new electronic project comprised of Egan and his Redneck Manifesto bandmate and fellow Malmö resident Matthew Bolger. G’wan down to this and let the boys know we miss them around these parts. Full scéal here.



At Sea Long

At Sea

Until Saturday 13 September | The New Theatre | €15, 8.15pm

One of the great benefits of the multi-disciplinary nature of the Fringe is that is produces genre-bending gems like At sea. Drawing on the intensely personal experiences of the individuals behind the show, At sea is a profound meditation on Dementia and the very act of forgetting it’s self.  Through juxtaposition of sound, image and voice, two musicans , Cameron McAuley on guitar and Anna Clifford on cello and a single performer, Peter Corby, promise to take us on a journey through the disintegrating recollections of a single ageing man that you won’t soon, eh, forget. Details here.



Whichever1ufeed Long


Sunday 14 – Saturday 20 September | The Stables | €14/12

The master of cavorts is back with a story about our innermost private fantasies as inspired by the Native American fable of The Two Wolves. An all-baring, visceral piece by Neil Watkins that looks at the ugly and poetic facets of love with an equal measure of grit and glitter. Something like the stage charisma of Liza Minelli set to a Bukoswkian script. If that appeals, go see it.



The Party Long

The Party

Sunday 14 September | Morrison Hotel, €14/€12

It’s 1984 all over again – only it’s not. It’s 2014 and the Twitter age is swinging, but the Party from Orwell’s dystopian novel have returned. On September 14, its members will launch their political party, The Party, with … a party. Less of a play, more a social experiment, this experiential event will rely on audience participation as it blurs the line between fiction and reality – and asks how a totalitarian regime such as 1984’s might fashion itself in the digital era. Find out more here.



Together Disco Long

Together Disco

Saturday 13 September | Meeting House Square | €20, 7.30pm

It’s no secret to those in the know that Ryan Skelton’s Together Disco nights are some of the most unmissable events in the Irish clubbing scene and it’s safe to say that they’ll be pulling out all the stops for their  biggest get together to date in Meeting House Square. With sets on the night from Chicago’s Jamie 3:26, ProVinylist Karim and Together Disco regular Billy Scurry, this one’s shaping up to be a night that folks will still be talking about this time next year. Tikets will fly out the door for this so pick one up early and get ready for Together Disco fam to bring the vibe and energy they are renowned for to their biggest crowd yet. Details found here.


CLU Long

CLU presents Gems 

Saturday 13 September | Button Factory | €15, 10pm

CLU have been solidly building a body of fairly spectacular audio-visual presentations of their work over the last couple of years, most recently Mirrors, featuring Totally Dublin Torso of the Year Aaron Heffernan throwing contemporary dance moves. Gems is the new AV show from CLU which they are busting out this Saturday at Fringe, having been wowing folks at EP, Life, Body&Soul and generally all over the shop this year so far. Support of the night comes from UK producer T Williams. Tickets are found here.



Reckoners Long


Monday 15 – Saturday 20 September | The Lir Academy | €15, 8.30pm

With such a abundance of thrilling propositions making up this year’s Fringe calendar it seems nigh on impossible to single out any shows as being “highlights” so to speak but the latest offering from young Dublin playwright Ross Dungan is undoubtedly poised to be one of the biggest talking points of the festival. Set in a near future, West of Ireland outlaw town known as The Stra, Reckoners is a chilling revenge story. “The last time Conal McCarthy saw his home it was from the back of a police car. Twenty two years later he is finally returning. Jamie McHugh, the runt of his bloodthirsty family, has just been tasked with a job. To repay the murder of his cousin twenty two-years ago. To kill Conal McCarthy”. If you appetite still isn’t sufficiently whetted after that, Reckoners’ also features performances from two of the Irish theatre scene’s rising stars, Manus Halligan and John Cronin. Dungan’s latest is shaping up to be one of the hottest tickets at this year’s Fringe.





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