8 Easy Tips to Fight Against Anxiety

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Did you know that 70% of people feel anxious at least once a day? Some have this feeling only when they face great difficulties, but others get anxious, even when they go to the store or choose a sports event for live betting. This feeling affects us negatively, and if you want to avoid it, follow these tips.

5 Minutes in the Room of Fear

This is one of the most effective strategies, albeit the most shocking. Anxiety and worry feed on our own habit of avoiding unpleasant things. If the very thought of doing something already makes you anxious, you will postpone these events until the last moment to avoid worrying even more.

Prolonging with the decision, you increase the excitement with each passing day, and consequently, it becomes more and more difficult to overcome it. So when you do find yourself in the doctor’s or supervisor’s office, at that moment your excitement exceeds all imaginable limits. Try to deal with problems right away. Go with the fear before it gets huge. Even if it involves more serious fears – heights or the dark. Each of us stands a good chance of agreeing with ourselves, “I can handle anything for five minutes.”

Doctor’s Help

Doctors like no one else know when you can handle yourself and when it is better to support the body with effective therapy. If you are unable to regain control of your anxiety on your own, be sure to seek help from a specialist.

Close All Social Networks

Let’s not talk about the obvious things, such as the fact that constantly comparing yourself to others causes negative feelings and dissatisfaction with yourself. But on those days when you’re especially busy at work or just tired and feel like you can’t take it anymore, it’s best not to be distracted by the constant stimuli on your cell phone.

Indulge your senses with an information detox, give your eyes and your nervous system a rest. The essence is not to bring the body to exhaustion.

Allow Yourself to Panic

Yes, you’re not wrong. Sometimes, the more we resist panic, the more it resists us. Instead, admit that you worry a lot and allow yourself to worry. Panic does indeed literally anchor itself in the place where one tries to deal with it. But it drops anchor and sails past us as soon as we dare to acknowledge its existence.

Cry More Often

Another tip that seems simple only at first glance. Both panic attacks and severe anxiety often arise as the body responds to prolonged suppression of feelings and emotions.

If nervousness and tension arise, it’s a sure sign that something has accumulated inside. The tension of the nervous system will only grow. And in order not to have an explosion, it is necessary to let the tears flow, to cry if the tears come from a sad melody or someone’s words, and not to restrain oneself.

Accept the Result

Often it is the result that scares us and becomes a reason for anxiety. So it helps to reduce anxiety by changing your attitude toward it, and you’ll feel much happier. Thunder will not come out of the blue, and an earthquake will not happen if you don’t succeed in something. The discomfort of failure should only take 10 minutes at most, so don’t be timid!

Plan B

Most often a person is frightened of the unknown in case the situation gets out of hand. So, overcoming anxiety and fear will help work out behavior in case of hitches, errors.


Before any speech, even before the interview, it is better to rehearse your behavior and phrases. You can come early to the place where you will speak, practice a few times before the competition in the place where they will be held. Speech in front of a mirror has been known to greatly increase its success in front of people. Also, develop your speech, it will help your confidence.


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