Our 200th issue is here…

Posted February 18, 2022 in Arts and Culture, Magazine

200 – July 2030

All going to plan, July 2030 will mark the 300th edition of this magazine. Of course, if everything had gone to plan, we would have been celebrating the 200th edition back in May 2021. We all know what happened there though as we invoke the ‘circumstances beyond our control’ clause, with good reason. Predicting the future gives hope, can be fun, but somewhat foolhardy also. However, if back in January 2013, when we celebrated our 100th issue someone said Totally Dublin would still be around in print nine years later, chances are you would have smiled politely and sidestepped to the bar with your complimentary token. 

So here we are. It’s not even a survival of the  fittest thing, it’s just plain survival through sheer tenacity.

We’re taking tentative steps back into the thrilling world of real life connections and secondary tittle-tattle. We may never say no to an invite again, even a Budweiser one. In this issue we’re mixing past, present and future – gleaming insights from past editors and contributors who brought us to this moment from its inception in October 2004 whilst also delving into thoughts on the city from some of the people who keep it fizzing. And we have the buzz du jour, CMAT gracing our cover as we discover more about her and the forces which surround her.

And we’re getting out and about talking to artist Niall Staines in Hang Tough Contemporary on Thursday February 24 and bringing a very special edition of Totally Dublin Live to St Patrick’s Festival on Sunday March 20. We want to see you, reconnect, tell us what you’re up to and toast the light at the end of this tunnel.

With sincere thanks to all contributors past and present, advertisers and readers who encourage us to do it again and again…

Michael McDermott

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