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Posted November 25, 2013 in Food and Drink, Restaurant Reviews

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Of all of our Georgian streets, I wonder if it is Leeson Street that sees the most footfall into its historic buildings. If you take a step back from it and forget the Bucks and the Legs, it’s as majestic a street as any of our other Georgian boulevards. I’m guessing that House at No. 27 Lower Leeson Street are aiming to respectfully breath life into an old house. They’ve taken over the entire house and have opened in stages – the bar first, the food following and a downstairs nightclub on the way.

It’s sort of fancy. In a posh boho-chic kind of way. They have their own peppermints with House inscribed on them (I know – amazing) and Rosanna Davison was in for a bite to eat the Friday night we visited.

There’s a generous drinks menu that goes off course with a delectable choice of cocktails, all priced at €9.50. Tipples like Earl Grey Colins and Elderflower Sangria would certainly inspire the booze hounds out there.

The food menu is predominantly fried, perfect when you’re out boozing. A platter of fluffy ciabatta with a tasty hummus and pesto selection staved off the hunger caused by a considerable wait for our waitress to return for the rest of our order. We didn’t mind too much, mainly because we were happy to get stuck in to the very quaffable bottle of Chilean Cuna del Sol Sauvignon Blanc (€24) but also because we could see our waitress was swamped.

We were out in the back garden of the building. There’s faux grass and chic garden furniture and hanging lights and blasting heaters making it feel like an indoor room pretending to be an outdoor room. It’s huge and it was packed.

Our prawns in coconut batter (€8) were juicy and fat with a crispy coat, and they would have gotten away with it too until we realised that there was little to no hint of coconut in any given mouthful. More fried goodies appeared in the rings of Calamari (€8) which were succulent and soft, banishing memories of horrid, stringy squid rings that are all too common. A plate of Chicken Waldorf Salad (€7.50) was classic in its walnuts and apples but the hammered and crispy fried chicken was like an odd add on. Maybe we were just battered out.

The pork belly was juicy (€7.50) if a little tough at times. Our favourite was the walnut and gorgonzola ravioli with very creamy pesto cream (€6). The pasta was silky and the insides were plump, with the whole plate coming together unctuously. We surveyed the enticing dessert menu but decided to call it quits seeing as we’d had enough food for three people, with our bill coming to €66.50.

House’s heated outdoor garden is kind of like a very considered indoor boutique music festival. It’s the VIP area at the Electric Picnic where all its patrons are suspiciously clean and free of mud. Wait a second….you haven’t seen any bands! You’ve just been hanging out here drinking bubbly all weekend!

Tieranniesaur aren’t going to be playing here any time soon but it’s not a bad spot for a quick (I mean, I’m sure it will be quick once they’ve had a chance to get into their service stride) bite or a cocktail before a gig in The Sugar Club. If you do find yourself in House, be sure not to leave without a handful of those peppermints stuffed in your pocket.


House Dublin
27 Lower Leeson Street
Dublin 2


Visit their website.



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