Cinema Review: The Worst Person in the World

Posted March 22, 2022 in Cinema Reviews

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The Worst Person in the World

Director: Joachim Trier

Talent: Renate Reinsve, Anders Danielsen Lie, Herbert Nordrum

Released: March 25

The quest for love and meaning in life forms the backbone of Joachim Trier’s, masterfully wry, new film. We follow Renate Reinsve’s Julie as she struggles to make sense of a society which seeks to pigeonhole her existence and place within it. But, on the cusp of turning 30, Julie is not ready to conform. She ditches medical school to study psychology, and then decides photography is her bag. Eventually, she winds up in a bookstore. She’s also not willing to settle for the wholesome boy and wrestles in her affections between Aksel (Lie), an earnest graphic novelist in his 40s; and with Eivind (Nordrum), a chance encounter with a free-spirited barista who she meets as a wedding crasher.

Spanning 12 chapters with titles such as ‘Oral Sex in the Age of #MeToo’, ‘Bobcat Wrecks Xmas’ and ‘First Person Singular’, this whipsmart story blends humour and poignancy in its exploration of identity and expectation. Oslo and the mores of the comfortable middle-class Norwegians also informs this tale – gender politics come in for scrutiny in dreamy summer houses sort of vibes.

Without a doubt, this is a breakout role for Reinsve who inhabits the role of Julie with great gusto, imbuing it with sensitivity, abandon and a vulnerability which never ceases to engage the viewer. She scooped Best Actress at Cannes. One of the ultimate strengths of Worst Person is Reinsve relatability, the search for self-love amid purpose and meaning, which propels this romantic drama beyond its peers.

Words: Michael McDermott


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