Roadmap: Eggciting

Posted December 29, 2022 in Arts and Culture

We’re big fans of the deep dive and still attest to MacGuffin being the best magazine on the planet as it examines ‘the life of things’, one by one. Now food and arts journal The Gourmand are applying the same forensic look to ingredients starting off with eggs.

One of the most enduring symbols throughout antiquity, eggs were used by the Romans to dispel evil spirits, modeled as priceless artifacts for the Russian nobility, woven into Egyptian mythology and in contemporary times used as form of protest. Personally, I remember the thrill of an egg being stirred with Club Orange whilst hay was being cut long before it was part of modish cocktails.

Featuring a collection of original essays and archetype recipes along with illustrations and exclusive commissions by acclaimed still life photographers.

Next up is the lemon. 

The Gourmand’s Egg: A Collection of Stories and Recipes is published by Taschen, €40.


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