Roadmap: Duality

Posted 4 days ago in Arts and Culture

BIMM May 29 – Jul 5 – Desktop

Tetyana Maryshko is an Irish Ukrainian photographer and visual artist. Her motivation lies in capturing the magic of vulnerability in the most ordinary of moments, merging both personal and relational to create captivating explorations rooted in emotions.

Both Ukraine and Ireland show a clear influence on her work. From Ukraine, she carries a deep empathy and respect for the past, a strong determined will to move through the world with dignity and grace; elements handed down through the fortitude of the older generations of women who share her name.

The Irish influence is witnessed through the intensification of her dark wit and the allure of the Irish littoral landscape’s haunting poetry and mercurial ambience. All of this gives her an inimitable ability to create and capture the beauty of the banal.

Duality is a limited edition set of two prints, hand numbered and marked.

€100 with all profits donated to Shelter Lviv.



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