In Just 4 Weeks, Project Arts Centre Comes Alive With Dance

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In the heart of Temple Bar, the welcoming hub of arts and culture Project Arts Centre will be home to an array of captivating dance events including the world premiere of a new Irish work, performances from dance icons and trailblazers from France, and an unforgettable hip hop experience.

A celebration of hip hop culture and French-Irish exchange, DanceScapes 2024 will be hosted by trailblazing French hip hop artists from Collectif FAIR-E and marks the first time that Breaking will be included in the Olympic Games (Paris 2024). For those aged 18+, DanceScapes – Hip Hop Nights will be a chance to dance the night away with talented artists from France and Ireland under one roof –  expect raw talent, pulsating beats, slick moves, live DJs, exhilarating cyphers and showcases, and hip hop of all styles. Earlier in the day for dancers of all levels aged 15+ there will be a DanceScapes – Workshop with Collectif FAIR-E and leading hip hop artists from Ireland – a chance to dive into the dynamic world of hip hop, its iconic moves, and electrifying beats.

Sat 18 May, 12pm – DanceScapes Workshop. Tickets €6. BOOK NOW
Sat 18 May, 9pm – DanceScapes Hip Hop Nights. Tickets €12. BOOK NOW

DanceScapes by Collectif FAIR-E © In Da Box Production

Rooted in its historic anger, raw emotion and hard-hitting physicality, Krump is re-envisioned in Cellule by French choreographer Nach. Immersed in projections of photographic imagery of black activists, the magnetic Nach begins an astonishing metamorphosis, giving form and life to the figures that inhabit her – woman, man, shadow, animal. Through her personal and liberated expression of Krump, a dance-style which emerged from the social tensions and riots in Los Angeles, Nach deploys her choreographic grace, honesty, and vulnerability, to create a captivating self-portrait.

Wed 15 – Thurs 16 May, 7:30pm. Tickets €20 / €17. BOOK NOW

Watch the trailer for Cellule


Emerging choreographic talent Mufutau Yusuf premieres his highly anticipated new work, Impasse, a compelling exploration of ethnicity, identity, and the experience of the Black diaspora. An attempt to understand the politics of the Black body in a contemporary western society, Impasse interrogates notions of representation, misrepresentation, and the lack of representation. Challenging the historical racial projections of Blackness – crudeness, threat, sexuality, rage and immorality – two performers unveil its power, grace, sensuality, tenderness, intelligence and love in a celebration of the self-determination of Black bodies.

Fri 24 – Sat 25 May, 7:30pm. Tickets €22 / €18. BOOK NOW

Watch the trailer for Impasse


Radical French choreographer, Olivier Dubois, hailed as one of the twenty-five best dancers in the world by Dance Europe Magazine, extends a rare and personal invitation to the audience to become co-creators of a wildly entertaining participatory performance, My Body of Coming Forth by Day. Having earned resounding acclaim both as a choreographer and as a performer, Dubois’s latest work is an intimate solo that marks the culmination of his extraordinary career to date. Cued by the spectators, Dubois revisits some of the sixty shows from his rich repertoire as a dancer and choreographer. Each vignette, uniquely and spontaneously reinvented, takes on new life to unveil different facets of the performer in this exuberant and avant-garde odyssey.

Tues 21 – Wed 22 May, 7:30pm. Tickets €22 / €18. BOOK NOW

Watch the trailer for My Body of Coming Forth By Day


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Feature Image: Cellule by Nach © Dainius Putinas


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