Demi Moore-ish: Online Ceramic Workshop Sessions from Arran Street East

Posted April 12, 2021 in Arts and Culture

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From throwing shapes to throwing pots, Arran Street East is encouraging Dubliners to unleash their inner Demi Moore with their new online ceramic workshop sessions.

As for so many other businesses in the last year pottery studio Arran Street East has also had to pivot to meet the challenges imposed by the current pandemic. When the impact of Covid-19 first made itself felt, their popular classroom-based Pottery Workshops were initially postponed, but now the innovative studio has decided to go with the flow and bring their teaching online.

The independent pottery studio has created a collection of tutorial videos, featuring simple ceramic projects to work on at home, and is now offering live online ceramic workshop sessions for individuals and teams via the magic of zoom. Managing Director Dobrawa Brach describes the benefits of working with clay as ‘endless’, saying most people find the process ‘therapeutic and calming’.

“It supports your creative and learning skills, sensory development, problem solving; it gives you sense of achievement and helps build self-esteem and self-expression,” observes Brach, adding, “We are focusing on the making and on the process of working with clay, rather than a finished product.”

One of the project videos in the first collection covers everything you need to know about clay recycling, showing how it can be worked with over and over again. Other topics include how to make Slip, which is used to join sections of unfired clay, such as handles and spouts, as well as techniques for creating the likes of Jewellery Dishes and Folded Boxes, as well as sessions on carving and sculpting.

In addition to the collection of pre-recorded videos with various practical pottery projects, the price also includes a potter’s toolkit and clay delivered to your home. Tool kits come packed with clay, wire, a needle, and a Ribbon Tool, a dual ended tool used to create texture and carve out clay. Also included is a Modelling Tool which is perfect for smoothing, contouring and detailing, as well as a Loop Tool, Wooden Rib, Metal Kidney and a sponge.

For the Demi Moore in all of us…

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