Crowded House: The Eddie and Elsie Edition

Posted March 22, 2021 in Arts and Culture

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Myles O’Reilly recently made a music video for the band Crowded House, starring Dubliners Eddie and Elsie, both in their 80s, who happen to be neighbours of his in Dublin.

“This will warm your heart.”

We were alerted to this gorgeous music video by Ruairí MacKiernan, who tells us that the talented Myles O’Reilly, aka Arbutus Yarns was recently asked to make a video by Australia’s finest crooners, the band Crowded House for their new single, To The Island.

The stars of the video are Myles’ neighbours in Dublin, Eddie and Elsie, both in their 80s. They share their philosophy on life and love, honed over their own decades-long love story, while sharing a dance in one of the red-bricked terraced houses that Dublin is famous for.

“Every morning when we wake up, there’s a kiss and then a prayer” begins Elsie, before describing the flowers Eddie frequently brings her, noting that, “every birthday or anniversary, on our breakfast tray there’d always be a little note telling each-other how much we love each-other.”

“She’s my Queen, I’m her King,” continues Eddie, while encouraging Elsie to tell viewers her age. It turns out she is a youthful eighty-seven. “Going on eighty-eight,” Eddie adds smilingly, before revealing that he himself is a sprightly eight-five and a half years of age.


The couple met sixty years ago on May 14th 1961, the day Eddie decided, “That’s the woman I’m staying with for the rest of my life.” They both agree that “love is a commitment,” and that “you have to love everybody,” before enjoying a waltz in the privacy of their Dublin sitting room. “For those who love, time is an eternity,” Eddie concludes.

Grab a cuppa and give it a watch. Ruairi MacKiernan’s not wrong, this video will indeed warm your heart. Hands down, probably the sweetest five minutes viewing you’ll see today.


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