In The Frame: Órfhlaith Whelan – Looking Glass

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In The Frame

Órfhlaith Whelan

Looking Glass

“This photograph comes from my most current project “Looking Glass” which is a series of photographed immersive mini sets. During a time of disconnect, both in the current digital age and the pandemic, Looking Glass creates a positive reflection of the spaces, places and shared experiences that have been missed the most. I focused on how I could create my own representation of these missed experiences, in a way that could bring the outside world back inside to a self-made environment. I constructed my own representation of places that people had shared with me online, which created a project which was not focused on the individual but rather on the overall shared experience.

Working predominantly as a Fashion and Commercial photographer, this project began as a way for me to continue to create sets outside of my work during lockdown and ended up expanding into a new style that I want to incorporate into my future shoots.

The acetate print in this set was photographed in Bull Island, Clontarf, and became a representation of the Irish coasts that are usually travelled year round. The intention of this image was to create a physical, and imaginative, representation of how it feels to experience the location, something a lot of people longed for during the pandemic in particular.

My aim is for you, the viewer, to be optimistic about times and places that we will experience again in the near future.”

Órfhlaith Whelan is a final year graduate of TUD Photography, you can view her work and that of her fellow graduates at


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