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Restaurant Review: Luna

“You will struggle to find a finer car park-based restaurant here, or indeed anywhere”. – Conor Stevens

Restaurant Review: Loretta’s

For the lucky denizens of D7, this is all the neighbourhood restaurant they will ever need. This is a North Star to follow.

Restaurant Review: Del Fino

It is my fervent hope that January will bring somewhere good enough to sustain my interest over a thousand words, or awful enough to sustain yours.

Restaurant Review: The Ivy

This joint is operating exactly as it was conceived – a round of three card monty to separate the Irish oiks from their silly queenless currency.

Barfly: The Open Gate Brewery

I like the feeling that potentially calamitous choices are just maddeningly out of reach. What if I were to pull that lever? Would a tsunami of Hop House 13 roar down James St…?

Restaurant Review: Rosa Madre

“The finest seafood carpaccio I’ve ever eaten, sweet, delicate, the flesh still firm. I can’t stop thinking about it.”

Barfly: Lundy Foot’s

This would be a first – an initially sober experience of the shop formerly known as The Czech Inn, formerly known as Isolde’s Tower.

Restaurant Review: Bresson

Too good to be regarded as merely a neighbourhood spot, and perhaps too good for Monkstown: this place deserves a postcode.


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