What Makes the Irish Theme Such a Good Fit for Smaller Media?

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No matter where you are in the world, it’s impossible to escape some item or place leveraging the Irish theme. This can be especially true in media, where smaller efforts are constantly looking for inspiration from which to draw. From China to Cairo, our corner of the world travels around the globe, but what it is that makes it such a constant topic of focus? With smaller media efforts as an example, we want to take a look at the components contributing to Ireland’s international success.

The Popular and Perfect Examples

Some of the most popular self-contained forms of entertainment that lean on the Irish theme can be found in online casinos. Here, amazing online slots like Irish Luck and Slots O’Gold borrow wholesale from Irish history, mythology, and popular culture. Popular online casino websites can easily feature over a dozen of these games, playable on both mobile and desktop systems. Translated into many different languages, Irish-themed titles are consistent hits, but what gives them this advantage?

Colour Counts

To start with the most basic aspect, the colour green is an element of which the human eye is acutely aware. On a basic level, greenery reflects the beauty of nature, and the calming feeling imbues us with comfort. The human eye has also evolved to be more sensitive to green than any other colour, likely due to the time our ancestors took picking threats out of the grass and trees. Green, as it just so happens, is also the colour adopted by Ireland in its national and international reflections. It works with online casino games, it works with St. Patrick’s Day, and it works with so much more too.

Simple Iconography

The ability of people to quickly identify symbols is important to us, where the familiar gives a feeling of comfort. Internationally, Ireland has a few standout pieces of iconography that are broad enough to be understood by huge portions of the population. The shamrock and four-leafed clovers are famous examples, often associated with Ireland despite being found in many countries across the globe. The same can be said for pots of gold and chasing rainbows.

While these elements commonly appear in other cultures too, their significance in Ireland has crossed borders better than most, often usurping the domestic recognition of these concepts in foreign cultures. Small media offerings like slots often rely on simple but recognisable iconography, and in this, there are few places to turn that are better than Ireland’s easily understood and famed features.

Mythological Understanding

Every culture has its mythology, and leprechauns as a concept are some of the most evocative. These often scheming and sometimes scary little creatures are not just recognisable at a glance, they also remind people of the various fairies and fantasy creatures from their own culture’s folklore. Their diminutive stature and association with wealth also make these creatures fantastic fits for online casino games, where occasional big wins are a big part of what makes the industry successful.

Through complicated and coincidental coordination of components, Ireland’s history and mythology have lent it both visibility and understanding. With each smaller part drawing from a well-understood whole, it’s only natural that there’s a lot of Ireland that lends itself to smaller media efforts. Whether one-offs in TV shows to libraries of online slot games, Ireland always stands out.


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