Online Shopping this Valentines Day – How to choose the perfect diamond earrings

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In the Covid world we find ourselves in, Valentines Day 2021 may be a bit different. Dropping into your local jewellers to pick up a gift is currently not an option.

Buying something online from the UK is also more tricky due to Brexit, with additional taxes and duties compared to prior years. International delivery services are all experiencing delays with the knock on effect of Brexit. The best option is to shop local – but to do this you need knowledge of what your buying.

This post looks at the important things to keep an eye on if you decide to purchase diamond earrings for your partner this Valentines Day. Historically diamond earrings are the most popular piece of jewellery as they are so versatile and one size fits all – and every girl loves a bit of bling!

Commins and Co jewellers in Dublin have diamond earrings starting from €265

So what are the main things to know before making a purchase?

  1. Know your budget.

Diamonds are not cheap so the price can vary widely. The size and quality of the diamond determine this so know what your comfortable spending and stick to it

  1. Preferred metal

Like any piece of jewellery, diamond earrings are available in all metals. For diamond earrings the main metals would be 9k or 18k yellow or white gold. Rose gold and platinum are also options but generally not as popular.

  1. Precious stones

In addition to diamonds, your earrings can also feature precious stones such as rubies, emeralds, sapphires or even pearls. Gemstones can have birthstone connotations, such as ruby is the birthstone for people born in July. However, there is no set month you need to be born in to enjoy the splendour of precious stones.

  1. Earring style

So the question may be, what should I get as a valentines gift? The safest play for a guy is a classic diamond stud earring. This is one diamond (usually round) in a plain setting. This simple style represents approx 80% of all earrings sold – according to Commins & Co Jewellers – who specialise in Engagement Rings and diamond jewellery. This is from observing trends over the past 8 years in their jewellers.

  1. Where to get?

We advise shopping local but its not that straight forward. You should always research your jeweller. Some are expensive when you compare like with like – possibly charging higher for their brand name. Some are cheap – not to be confused with competitive. Poor quality products with inferior quality diamonds will be cheap – not good value. Its important not to confuse the two.

A good way to research your jeweller is to look at their google reviews. A look at their website should give you conform in them too.

With current restrictions, you’ll need a jewellers with a e-commerce website and ideally images of their stock on a person so you can judge scale. Stud earrings can look massive on a website if there is no context – seeing them on a person is always useful.


Need More Help?

Here at Commins & Co Jewellers in Powerscourt Townhouse, we know that buying diamond earrings or any other piece of jewellery is a special and considered purchase. With current restrictions, we are updating our website daily.

We are also offering online consultations (via Zoom or Whatsapp) to assist people through their decision making process.

We are currently available Tues – Sat from 10.00am to 5.00pm and can be contacted here.


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