How to host an online bingo game

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Online bingo is gaining popularity as one of the best online recreational games. Friends and family can simply log into a site and play games with each other. And with the, you can get perks and extra features that make the games more interesting. Bingo has existed for ages, but this online availability pushed its popularity even more; and since it is easy to understand, even the youngest players stand a chance of winning.

However, to start playing, someone needs to host the game. So many are used to joining games that they don’t know how to host independently. You will learn how to host a bingo game effectively and enjoy your play with friends and family as you read on. Read on and enjoy!

Find a Common Platform

Since you don’t have to be physically present with each other, you need to have a common platform for your friends and family. Of course, this option is subjective as several individuals prefer different messaging platforms. But the goal is to find one that unites all players so that the game would be more organized.

When choosing a common platform, we recommend prioritizing ones with extra features like voice and video chat and good functionality. Having such is to make sure there is good communication which makes things more lively. Also, as a host, it will help you keep everyone together throughout the game.

Assign Roles

Every bingo game needs a caller, and you as a host need to assign one. The caller in the game does the job of checking the available numbers and keeping tabs on the winner. A game without a caller will be utter chaos, and no host loves such. So for every game you host, you need someone to generate and call the numbers out to everybody. And a caller also makes sure no one is cheating, so it isn’t uncommon for them to check tickets.

However, assigning this role is not easy because everybody wants to be a caller. This role is the most superior, and almost everybody would want to be in such a position of authority. In fact, the caller is also in charge of the prizes; who wouldn’t want such?!

So amidst the hassle and tussle of assigning the roles, you must pick someone reliable as the game host. As a rule of thumb, we advise picking someone humorous as that will liven up the game on its own.

Generate the Game Tickets

Generating the game tickets is not the role of the caller or host alone. It requires everyone’s participation and, most importantly, honesty. Since bingo is all about numbers, you must first decide which type of bingo you want to play. The best types of friendly bingo variants are:

  • 90 Ball Bingo
  • 75 Ball Bingo

90 Ball bingo has numbers ranging from 1 to 90, while the latter ranges from 1 to 75. So every player will need to generate their numbers, and you need to bank on their honesty.

The first thing is to have everyone search for a Random Number Generator; this tool is available online. We advise that everyone uses the same tool. In the space to fill out the range, let the minimum be 1, and the maximum would be either 90 or 75, depending on the type of bingo game. And with the generate button, each player is required to generate five random numbers. To make it more orderly, you can ask players to write them down on a sheet of paper. Then, to ensure fair play, you can individually ask every player to show their tickets on your messaging platform.

Play Fairly

Now, everything is set for a standard bingo game. You need to call the numbers manually since you don’t have bingo balls or tuners. As the host, you need to find another Random Number Generator and set the number limits to either 1 to 90 or 75, depending on the game. For every number you generate, call it out to the players and write it down for reference in case the same number pops up twice.

Having a good chatting platform would make this process easier for the host. In addition, it should have a screen-sharing feature that will allow other players to see the numbers you generate and ensure fair play.

If the number you call tallies with any player’s ticket number, such player will mark it out. And the first person to cross out all numbers on their sheet would yell out ‘BINGO.’ As the host, you should also check to ensure that the teller truly has all numbers crossed out; and if it is true, you have a winner. Then, depending on your decided reward system, you may credit the winner whichever way you agree.


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