Scene + Heard Festival 2020

Posted February 7, 2020 in Festival Features

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The 2020 Scene + Heard festival programme offers the best tasters of never-before-seen comedy, theatre, music from all corners of the island. A variety of WILD + WONDERFUL shows are programmed within 60 minute slots at very happy prices. (Early bird €10 / Door €13 from


With 125 events taking place between 12 – 29 FEB,  the line-up changes every night, meaning you can catch a pick n’ mix of performances, pitching a plethora of insights as evidenced by the wacky show titles!

The festival kicks off on Wednesday with Vitamins + Wine, the debut album launch from Johnny Jude, followed by the deliciously satirical, Issues: An Important Play by the madcap OhScareWilde Productions.

When I was young I never talked to Clouds, It iz Wot It iz, Seen and Skinny Omalia look at our obsessions with technology, reality tv + the internet. For introspection + personal testimonies there’s Hooked, Finding Chemo, The Throes of Tralee, A Surprise, textuality, CAKE, and Big Break. If you prefer scorching social commentary on holocaust denial, female genital mutilation or climate change go for Then They Came For Me, Tidal, Yara, Clearance, and Shamrock Hill. And for those looking for pure entertainment The Last Man in Ireland, KATS: The Green Room Musical, The Storm, Comedically Heartbroken and A Professor’s + A Personal Trainer’s Private Apocalypse will have you laugh-crying at yourselves and those situations we all find ourselves in.

For the theatre critics of the future there’s a host of theatrical delights – the question is finally laid to rest in Unicorns are Real! (for ages 4-6) hear a new take from a ferocious young cailín in Eithne (for ages 8+), whatever you do don’t go outside in Made From Paper (for ages 7+) and something’s about to happen in the town of Little-Happens in Bookworm (for ages 8+)

Looking for an out-of-the-ordinary unusual experience? Join the audience of a live podcast with Humans Discuss Being, find out how to make the perfect cuppa with Ireland’s number one influencer @CupanTaeBae, enjoy a multidisciplinary journey where dance + painting should be heard and music should be seen in Maximum Black, or for a night of live art exploring what it means to survive as an artist today in Arts Against The Odds!

On Sunday, join a mass gathering, a return to ritual, a celebration of imperfection in The Lightwave Residual – you can replenish, restore + refill afterwards with yummy vegan bliss bowls at Break Bread with Us!

Run out of romantic ideas? Get yourself Valentine’s Dinner + Show. Enjoy Black Forest Gateaux Smocktails & a two-course meal straight out of the 1970’s followed by the ridiculously-fun comedy-theatre double-bill of Salvatore DeWonderful: Live! From the Copacabana (This barman is a STAR, man!) + The Last Movie Star (introducing Dani Kann – the Queen of Hollywood).

AND thanks to the earth’s rotation around the sun this year there’s an EXTRA day for you to splurge. Gorge your theatrical & physical tastebuds on 29 FEB with our This Never Happened event – dirty nachos and decadent drinks that don’t even count seeing as it’s a super extra bonus day!

For all of this madcap madness this festival needs YOU! Audiences are an integral part of this festival, giving their feedback & constructive criticism through secret ballot, video booth testimonials, Q&A’s, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. All this feedback is collated and sent directly to the artists. Armed with this feedback the artists go on to further develop the work!

Scene + Heard began to give much needed incubation, development + support to Irish artists and to engage the audience in the creation of that work. 5 years later, 450 shows have emerged like beautiful butterflies, many of which are touring nationally + internationally, appearing on TV + Radio and showcasing at festivals far + wide and winning several prestigious awards.

You can download the full interactive programme here


Scene + Heard Festival 12-29 February (Early bird €10 / Door €13 from


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